transplanting question?

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  1. I'm n 3rd week of bloom..i have 12 blue dream an because of a money problem i could only get 9 of them potts w/ fox farm soil..the other 3 r still n 4x4's rockwel can i put the last 3 n dirt now or Is it to late..have the soil now..the 3 r startin to look kinda funny (leaf curl)
  2. You could, it'll stunt flower growth, but better than being in such small containers
  3. Thanks bro i had a feeling i could they really r just start to take in the nutes.thanks again
  4. Putting them in dirt wont be any big deal..

    Your just adding soil.Your not taking them out of rockwool cubes.Nothing wil be stunted ffs.If anything they'll flourish.
  5. No they r n the cube fully rooted hangin out bout 6-7inches

  6. Yes,and again your just adding them to soil?It's no big deal....

    Put Some soil in the bottom of a pot.Add your plant with cube.Cover rest with soil.Water..
  7. Did it already thanks again for fast response...can't stand to see my ladies suffering they so sexy. .lol.
    I put the sort on not two seconds after ur reply..good lookin out..on advice much respect..

  8. Np..

    Thats what we are here for to share what we learn,and keep learning ourselve's.

  9. So r they going to stretch more now that they have more room for root growth?

  10. They will grow larger yes..
  11. I was hope n they would that would show me they r Ok..they r such nice lookn strain "blue dream" 1st time w/ this strain been doin "GDP" for more than a decade...kinda figured id try sumtin new...hope it was a good choice..have u grown "BD" before?Does she handle the heavy nutes or Is she a lite

  12. Never grown it.So idea on the nutes.

    I've smoked it though,and it's nice smoke.

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