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  1. What's up guys,

    I can start seeing roots at the bottom of my 11l pots I am about to change th light cycle to 12/12 tomorrow. Do you recommend I transplant? If so do I do it in wet coco? Dry coco? How long should I wait to transplant after watering? It looks ike it's just going to crumble in my hands!
    Should I transplant in the next few days or should I let the roots fill the pot before I do?thanks!
  2. Anyone???
    Going to see my plants tomorrow so any info is appreciated!
  3. if you're wanting to go into a larger container, then now would be fine to transplant.  having the coco wet when transplanting seems easier to me.  the coco stays together when it comes out of the container.  transplanting as soon as the run-off is done is good.  go ahead and transplant as soon as you want...
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    I tried coco a few times and thought it was easier to transplant when its dry like soil less messy and the roots will hold the majority of the coco or soil in place just fine when dry. Other then that I think its all just personal opinion of what one thinks is easier or best for them and their grow.
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