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  1. So I was wondering if anyone had any sort of guideline as to when one should transplant to bigger pots? I've heard that when the fan leaves reach the the sides of the pot it's usually a good indicator that transplanting should happen. 1498902797124.jpg

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  2. Looks like you should do it soon.

    Unless its in the ground its normal to have a full root ball in any size pot at the end. (in a soil grow).

    In saying that,
    Bigger roots= bigger fruits.
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  3. Growing in a coco perlite mix so will definitely move over to a bigger pot soon.

    What size pot would you say is big enough to grow until harvest? (Indoor grow so not going huge )

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  4. Ive
    Ive never grown in a Coco mix and im only getting back into indoor so i cannot answer you.

    My last pot size (in soil, under lights) will be a 25L. Might be over kill but coming from outside grows im loath to go smaller.
  5. Appreciate the help all the same. Thanks for le input dude! Good luck moving to a smaller grow man

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  6. Once the roots start showing an coming out the drain holes i repot, it has never failed me yet..., happy roots are the secret to healthy nugs..
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  7. What size pot do you normally run the flowering cycle? And do you use the same pot throughout flowering?

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  8. I like to run 7gal and yes once shes tucked into the 7 shes there until harvest, I was using 5gal but i like to veg longer while filling a scrog screen, although I just recently ran a few runs in the ghetto sip and sog 2gal smart pots were overkill they only vegged until 2ft then flipped.., keep in mind i run organic soil...
  9. I see. That's very cool, thanks for the input man. What are your thoughts on running a scrog for sativa plants? I'm somewhat limited with height so I want to limit their vertical growth but I've heard some less than desirable stories about peeps attempting lst and scrog with sativas

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  10. Scrog should work well for Satiavs. Just give your self a little room on the screen to play with as they can really stretch.
    Ive grown mostly Sativas out side and I recon a Scrog would suit them really well, maybe have a Plan B for a 2nd net just in case.
  11. Sounds perfectly reasonable, just curious as to how a second net would help if they 'out stretched' my initial net? Would that act as a fail safe in a case where I couldn't weave into the first net in time? Also, roughly how high about the pot would you recommend starting the scrog? Due to a diy box I won't be able to move the net once in place. Not an ideal amount of height either. *scratches head furiously*. My box is over crowded and I haven't been able to sex any of them yet

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  12. 10 to 12 inches seems to be the normal height from top of pot to net.

    A second net is sometimes used for support but I suppose you could use the edges of it to help contain any way would colas. (just speculation here). Im new to scrogs to dont forget.
  13. Awesome awesome! Thanks man

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  14. I found this on another site. Copy and pasted.

    " How full to have screen depends on height of tent. If you have all the head room you want, fill the screen 95- 100% then flip with every node at screen height. Otherwise I would say flip at 80%. Your 600w has some good penetration so you can let those colas get pretty big. You can control the final height of the buds by changing how long into flower you tuck nodes.
    Lots of head room? Want 10" colas? flip to 1212 when screen is 100% full and don't tuck at all
    Minimal head room? Want 5" colas? Flip to 1212 when screen is 80% full and continue tucking branches up to, but not more than, 2 weeks into flower or when screen is full.
    This is where it can get tricky, if you have limited headroom, veg too long, and don't have enough screen to continue training, your plant can get too tall and run into the light and get bleached!"
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