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Transplanting plant during early signs of gender?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ratmosphere, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Alright so I have a suspect female White Widow plant. It is showing that it will be female, but need to wait a week to be sure. Could I transplant the plant into a bigger pot? Or should I wait until I know the gender?
  2. I prefer to wait as I don't like to waste time/supplies growing males. I would only transplant now if it's root bound, but it's your call..
  3. It isn't root bound, I transplanted it 3 weeks ago and it got huge. How long after knowing if it is a true female can I transplant it?
  4. Transplant whenever you want, whether it's only a couple weeks old, or in mid flower, if you're very gentle you won't have any issues.
  5. But could it be stressed out and become a herm or male? If I transplant it before knowing the 100% gender? Or should I wait until I see the white hairs emerging?
  6. I've never had a hermie from transplanting. If you aren't gentle it can happen regardless of when you transplant it tho.

    You transplanted once and said it went fine, don't worry so much about it lol.
  7. True, but it went rough and I actually had to end up cracking the ceramic pot to get the plant out. Maybe this time just crack the pot and put it in the new one?
  8. Ceramic/clay pots aren't a good choice. Either use plastic or fabric. If you use a fabric pot you will never really need to transplant, as the air will prune the roots, preventing it from becoming root bound.

    If you don't mind transplanting I like plastic since you can gently compress the pot before transplanting to loosen everything up, making it much easier.

    I also like to transplant a day or two after watering, when the soil isn't too wet, but not too dry either.

    I'm not going to tell you to break your pot, but if you ended up needing to do that the first time it might not be a bad idea lol.
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  9. FullSizeRender-3 7.16.58 PM.jpg

    So if I'm seeing this, should I wait to transplant so I don't stress the plant out? I'd have to crack the pot. Or should I wait until a week later?
  10. Looks like it's a female, but it's still early to tell. Go ahead and transplant it if you want.
  11. IMG_3344.JPG

    After the transplant. This is week 6 I believe, 100% outdoor.
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