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  1. Hey all, been awhile. So I've got some plants that were sprouted form seed and have been under 24 hrs of light for a couple of months. It's getting time to put them out and I was wondering if that was okay; to take them from 24 hrs of light and put them outdoors (where I think it's like 13 and a half hrs of light right now). Thanks a lot!
  2. Hey Homebrewer -

    I had a problem with this last summer..... I started my seed and had my plant growing under 24 hour lights. When it cam time to transplant to outdoors the day-light hours were about 15 light 9 dark. I ended up with a large number of hermaphadites. (in a normal grow year I might get 1 or 2 out of 42 plants last year going from 24hr lights to outdoor 15 light 9 dark I had 13 hermaphadites) The stress of that big of a light change will screw your grow up.....

    Just my 2 cents.....

    Kisses -
  3. I always say if you are going to grow outside, then grow outside.

    Messing about with plants under continuous lighting first, which is unnatural, is just asking for problems.
  4. i agree should be geminated then planted outside straight away. i used to use the same method 24/0 but never noticed any benefit
  5. ehhh... the only thing holding me back from taking my plants outside is the fact that when they are small I've had animals go and eat the seedlings. so, I think it's best to start them inside til they get established and a decent size. I'm using 18/6 though, not continous light.
  6. Hey TheFxckingHero -

    I agree with the start plants inside and move them outside when they are strong enough to handle it plan of growing. Another thing is the weather has to be warm enough outside to let the plants thrive and grow. So for the last 4 years I have started my plants inside May 1st and move them outside around June 1st. (I live in Maine and it is cold here!) I did this with 12/12 light cycle. Last year I tried to get more veg going on (trying to speed up the growth) by using 24hr light for the month they live inside. I did get more veg growth without a problem but when it came time to move them outside the shock of the change in light time hours caused big problems in my grow. (13 hermaphadites)


    What I did this year is find out how many hours of light time will be on June 1st and have my plants under that light cycle. (for me it is 16 light 8 dark) I think this will give me more veg growth than a shorter (12/12) light cycle I used in the past but will not shock my plants later when I more them outside. Once the plants move outdoors they will still have another 3 weeks of daylight getting longer each day. On June 22nd - day light hours start getting shorter and I am usually able to sex my plants (kill the males) near the last week in Aug. Harvest is around the 5th -15th of Oct. It works for me.... I just made a stupid mistake last season with the 24hr light. (if I was not so stoned I would have though it over a bit more and realized the mistake before I did it!!)
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  7. you use different strains each year or always the same? I was planing on veg 24/0 until days get shorter and then put them outside where i figured they would flower sooner...... By saying your plants hermied from going 24/0 to 15/9 how is it that indoor you can go from 24/0 to 12/12 with no problems. Are you sure it was the light change and not strain or other stress? Just asking not saying i know. Thanks. Anyone else have input? also hottbody, did you notice last year they flowered earlier with the 24/0 to 15/9? Thanksssss
  8. Hey Koolaidacidlove -

    The strains I grow are from seed stock I make each year.... (I cross breed plants with the traits I want & like!)

    When I went from 24/0 to 15/9 it was around June 1st.... So when I moved the plants outdoors the days were still getting longer for 3 more weeks - then the days started getting shorter after that. Not sure what cause the hermied effect it could have been the messed up light schedule or other stresses but it happened so I never did it again. I grew the very same seed stock the next summer with only 1 hermie.

    No they did not flower earlier because when they moved outdoors the light was 15/9 and still getting longer each day for 3 more weeks.... I am not sure if I answered your questions with any good info but I tried!

    Kisses -

  9. I moved mine outside earlier this year from 24 hr light and the light was around 14 hours and it budded fine with the daylight increasing each day. I plan on pulling it in the next few hours. everyone on here thought it would be a hermaphrodite if I didnt put it in its own dark period to stop the light from increasing each day but I tried it anyways because my friends being doing it for years to get a nice spring harvest and it worked great. I plan on doing this every year from now on its so awesome to see outdoor buds in may and june. And no one thinks about ripping plants at this time because they assume there in veg and are still small.

    I know one person who does this every year and only has a spring crop because he grows in his yard and people will rip the plants if he let them finish at normal time. Budding in the spring is great if you have a yard thats not that sheltered in because no one expects them to have buds now. He also thinks the plants are more potent because the suns closer to the earth in the summer than in the fall.

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