Transplanting in 3rd week of flowering?

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    Transplanting from 4 - 8 gallon container with the same organic soil I used to start the seedling its something like .4 .6 .5 or something. I am feeding it Orchid food 6-30-30, i'm going to add superthrive also to encourage root growth once transplanted, and am feeding it molasses that's filled with all kinds of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, etc. My plant is coming up on the 3rd week of flowering outdoors, do you think that the transplant will shock the plant? Do you think that I can finish the plant off with just the Orchid Food and Molasses? Thanks for answers. Once I get my friends digi cam over here I can create a journal and start taking detailed pictures.
  2. Just finished the transplant to a 10 gallon pot. I had just enough soil to fill it to the top. I loaded it up with superthrive, orchid blood (6-30-30) and vitamin b-1. Hope plant responds well to transplant and all those nutrients/chemicals. I'll get a few pics up soon. Still would like some of my questions answered. Thanks!
  3. Go head an transplant.. just try not to disturb the rots an it should be ok.. I transplanted alot an the ones that are big an flowered alread to me seem more easy to I said just try not to expose the roots.. try not to transplant in the hot sun.. do it in a shady area or at night!

  4. Whoops, I transplanted in the hot sun it was like 80 degrees out. But when I took the plant out of the 5 gallon I was surprised to see the roots already made it all the way to the bottom of the pot. So it was just one big root ball that I transplanted into a huge ass 10+ gallon container. Fed it and am closely watching it making sure it took well to the sudden shock of transplant and massive feeding of b-1, superthrive, and orchid bloom. I'm going to start a journal within the next day or two with pics starting from my 3rd week of flowering. I'll start a thread soon, keep your bloodshot eyes peeled :smoke:

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