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  1. I have a plant growing in a small cup. A "Huggies Juice jug". It's planted in Scott's hydroponic soil. Question is; I want to transplant it into a bigger pot and ultimately it's final home. It will be the same soil and stuff just a bigger pot. Is there a problem with this?? Advice and help welcomed.
  2. I start in a 3 inch cup.. move to a 5 then 8 and  in ground or finish pot.. at about 10 to 14 day intervals.. depending on how fast they are growing.. in fox farms ocean forest and plenty of light they will become root bound at 10 days and be ready for transplanting.. gradual stepping up pot sizes keeps a better wet dry watering cycle.. to large a pot to soon will have the plant over watered and slow growth
  3. Thanks!!! Great advice. Say I transplant right now, besides the watering concerns, would there or could there be any other concerns??
  4. If you can get Fox farm ocean forest then do so.. I've tried scotts and lowes potting soils and the FFOF is by far the best off the shelf soil I've found.. transplanting with it always brings an explosion of growth and I don't need any nutes for the 1st month or so.. once they hit about 6 inches in height  they'll put on a 1/2 inch a day or more.. once they finish in the 8 inch pot I put them in ground in a 1x1x1 foot hole full off FFOF as my yard soil is mostly a hard packed clay..
    Most hydroponic stores will carry it as will some home and garden centers.. cost can be as low as $12 per 1.5 CF bag to over 20 so shop around..
    as for watering I use the ( lift the pot) method at least while they  are small enough.. light pot needs water.. heavy pot does not.. weed needs to dry somewhat between watering..
    read all the threads you can for ideas and general information.. I'll keep watch and help as I can.. feel free to read through my own thread for amusement and how NOT to do it.. :smoking:
  5. Thanks for the advice!!!

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