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Transplanting from aeroponic cloner to soil

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by Strelok, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. What would be the best way to go about transplanting clones from an aeroponic cloner into soil? I was thinking of setting the roots on a real light soil mix, and then pouring a vermiculite/perlite mix on and around the roots. Hopefully it wouldn't take long for the roots to find their way down.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sub

    had a few question about aero as well as i have just ordered one but like to grow in soil
    anyyone help us out some fellow stoners:smoking::wave:
  3. bump noone :)

    how about the water temp?
    or should my sprayers be on a timer or on all the time?

    come one gc plsssss i am curious and i am sure the op is too:wave:
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    it's safe to transplant aero clones directly to soil.

    transplant as soon as they have one or two 1-2" roots. give the roots a light dusting of soil so that they don't stick together, then plant the roots about 2" beneath the soil. give the soil a good watering, and you're done.

    leave cloner sprayers on 24/7. water in the cloner should be low 80's max. colder water works, but takes a tiny bit longer. Clones like water a little bit warmer, but too warm (83+), and the dissolved oxygen content of the water will diminish too much. Usually the pump is enough to keep the water at an acceptable level.
  5. thanks for the helpful information:smoke::wave:

  6. It usually doesn't take long for the plants to adjust. I go from my rock wool cubes in my cloner to potting soil in my green house in 16 ounce cups to harden them and then to my dirt garden a couple of weeks later with surprisingly few casualties. What a friend of mine said, over and over, was, "Treat for shock."
    Try to keep them on the same lighting schedule and nutrient regimen and feed them a lot of B-1. Since it's an important part of the Technaflora's recipe for success that might explain why I've had such good luck.
  7. i am tryin to build my own areo cloner but the design specs say 1min ON, 5min OFF. is this nessesary?? also, doea anyone know of a timer that does this sold at a low/fair price?????
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    i was told to leave mine on all the time, is this not right?, says in the instructions leave it on always. just got it so i havent ran any clones yet personally.

    timers such as titan 3 runs around 70 bucks that i have seen, thought about purchasing but then was told there was no need, is this type of timer necessary?

    Titan Controls: TITAN APOLLO 3 FIXED CYCLE TIMER [702635] - Timers & Instruments - Discount Specialty Farm, Greenhouse & Garden Supply Store - Horticulture Source

    ugh always hear to many different things lol:smoking::smoking::smoking::wave:

    edit: also seen cap ones run about 52 bucks
  9. Need sprayers and air stones on at all times lights on 24 on for a fewweeks then 20/4. On off
  10. My Guru said the problem isn't them finding the direction but toots started in water grow hair like roots that are easily damaged by soil. He said to use a good soft soil mix and lots of B-1 for shock. I do that regularly with no problem.
  11. thought i would just update quick,
    the 25 site machine i bought is fricking great, wanted one for a while but was nervous, i dont know why, it is easy and clean. just ran some babies, of the 25, 23 came out fine.

    the other 2 that didnt make it, well i would say it was my fault for not leaving enough stem on them. they were to short and i suppose that gave them trouble reaching the misters.

    the thing is great and transplant to dirt was no where near the problem i thought it would be. if you are thinking of trying one, dont be scared lol it is awesome.

    i used distilled water and a little superthrive thats it but probably could of just used tap and nothing else. (only did because my tap isnt the greateast for such young ladies and was a nervous first timer to aero)

    :smoke:peace and love:smoke:

  12. there is a good tutorial on youtube on how to move aeroponic clones to soil, just do a lil searchin!
  13. PurePowerPlant1: it's also covered in a couple of text books for those who know how to read.
  14. [quote name='"Hank Alvarez"']PurePowerPlant1: it's also covered in a couple of text books for those who know how to read.[/quote]

  15. St.VooDoo: Curiously, we get a lot of people who will do anything to avoid the written word. It's too bad because there are a lot of good resources available now a days. Hank

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