Transplanting from 1gal to 7gal, should I start with nutes or wait 3 wks.

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  1. Hi... new grower here.
    So I'm transferring from 1 gal pots-(early veg. In fox farms ocean forest) to 7 gal. in same medium. Since no nutes are recomended for the first 3 weeks in new (fox farms O.F.) soil for fear of throwing off PH and locking up the roots. does that still apply when transferring in late veg/early bloom?
  2. i'd wait for ffof users to chime in.... but

    I use peat moss and I always run full nutes to make the soil wet and transplant right in.
  3. In ffof I would just transplant and water for the first week and then start nutes on a low dose. Gradually going up. The roots will be expanding and finding new nutrients but absorbing them.faster than a seedling.

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  4. It's a bad idea to transplant if you have already flipped to 12/12.

    If your plant is dark green...don't feed it.

    If it starts turning a lighter shade of green... feed away.
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