transplanting dry, wet, and what to do if.....

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  1. Its time for my babies to get there new pots, is it better to transplant watered or dry? And what should i do if the soil fallls away from the roots? tx all and +rep to those who help
  2. hi , you best off transplanting when your soil is dry it will hold together better , just be carefull and it will go ok , i like to give them a small drink when they are in there new home to help them settle .dont worry about a bit of soil falling away just be carefull and it will be fine .:D
  3. thats wat worrys me 2 mate my babys r only small but will be changing pots soon n i keep thinking to myself that when i take it out the soils just goner crumble all over the floor n al have a plant just sat in my hand haha but these fellas know what there talking about mate so just go with it lol
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    if the soil is nice and dry and you can gently squeeze the containers, it will compact the dirt and allow you to pull out a whole clod of dirt shaped like the container (kind of depending on what kind of soil you used, how big the pot is, and how big the plant is). if some does fall away it's no big deal. just try not to touch any roots

    then after transplanting, give them lots of water and thoroughly water all the dirt so there's no dry spots. otherwise roots won't be able to grow and thrive utilizing the whole pot with a bunch of dry spots. this will also reduce the risk of shock.

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