transplanting clone in soil to coco/perlite

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  1. Hey guys, so the guy Im getting clones from has them in solo cups with promix. I want to grow in 70/30 coco/perlite. I've read that I should shale all the dirt off without messing up the rootball. Is this the best way?? or is putting it straight in coco better for the plant?
    Also, will either way hurt my plant too much? Im aware its cause it shock but if i do it all right, they should run smoothly in coco right? Thanks !!

  2. Promix is not soil - it's a peat based soilless medium.
    Don't mess with the rootball - transplant direct to the coco without breaking up the rootball.
    Are you familiar with how to grow in coco?
  3. yes i am. I've honestly done a lot of research into it. i thought promix was soil so i was scared that it would mess with the ph/nutrients for the plant since ill be feeding at least twice a day. and i know you can't do that with soil so i was wondering if it would mess with it. or causing shock when transplanting. but from the answers of a couple of my other posts on other forums, ill just leave it be, maybe pick some excess off, and precharge my coco, put some great white powder in the hole, and drop it in. You think this is a good way and healthy for the plant? I've seen you talking about coco in a lot of posts, since I've spent countless hours reading throughout these forums past few months, I've seen you in the replies/posts quite a bit so i appreciate you chiming in on mine.
  4. Don't forget the perlite.
    Good luck. :)
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