transplanted my baby, was looking perfect, but 1 day later 'droopy'

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by djbaron, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. I am growing for fun a nice looking 'shwag' plant. I am using this to learn and hopefully will yield something nice :)

    I was growing it outdoors for 3 months now and it was looking amazing, but I had to move it because I moved to another city. Now I took it out last nite pretty successfully. Had to use my bare hands to manually make sure the roots got out without breaking any, but I think I may have torn the tip of 1 end root, if that makes any difference I dunno :p

    So now its been here in my new place in a tub of soil and its been basking in the sun but it looks like it may die if I dont give it attention! The leaves are nice green and everything is great, except that the entire plant is 'falling over'!!!!

    I dunno what to do! I put the roots in some really high quality soil, which was different than what it is used to, but that soil is a small around and just around the root area. it is covered on all sides by the regular soil It has been in.

    I'm including a pic hopefully someone can help me figure this out. Could it be just because I moved the plant it does this? Or do I need to add more water?? who knows!

    I'm not going to touch it until I get some suggestions from you guys...
    OH! By the way, the discoloration you see, is just some of the splashed dirt that got on some of the leaves, otherwise they are all perfectly green with no spots anywhere of any kind :) so don't mind those little spots of brown :)

    thanks for the help! :smoking::smoking:

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  2. what kind of soil was it?

    excessive amounts of fertilizer in the soil can cause the leaves to droop.. you might even consider getting some plain soil again cuz to me it looks like your high quality soil is killing your plant..

    keep us updated.. the plant may just be stressed from the translplant and will resume growth after a week or 2.

    good luck
  3. Well the original soil was regular dirt and the plant was growing nicely, but it was very clumpy. The other soil is currently growing my other plant of the exact same seed type! Both were in the same location, one I brought here a few weeks ago, and the second one, already in flowering as u can tell from the picture I just brought the other day.

    I had a friend of mine come over yesterday who is a master of this stuff, he told me that the plant needs tons of water for the next few days and thats about it. He said the leaves will probably fall off but most likely the plant will live. He told me to notice that the stems were still pretty strong and not dry. However I just checked this morning and the buds are feeling very dry. Dry enough I could probably pluck it off, dry it out a few more hours and BLAZEY BLAZE BLAZE :)

    I am going to load it up with water. Do you think if I move the soil around a little it will help or will it be more damaging to the roots??

    Maybe I should pull out the plant for a minute and reorganize the soil???
    I'll post another pic soon..
  4. first off, where is the main colla???

    2nd looks like you damaged alot of roots in the transplant or transplanted it when it was hot out (during the day)

    hope the water helps but i doubt it.

  5. I agree Dier.
    If you damaged that main tap root this plant will be hard pressed to survive. Sorry man, that sucks. Not much you can do but wait. I would not mess with it too much.
  6. have you watered it lately, looks like you just have to give her something to drink??? remeber don't overwater it all you have to do is water it until it feels heavy and there is water coming out the bottom
  7. My honest oppinion from years of experience.. is....


    Its time to make some tea son.
  8. looks like something ate the main stem of your plant or something...
    giver a couple a days and if nothing happens ur probably up the creek

    sorry bro

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