Transplanted clones wilting?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheGreenLegend, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I just took 3 rooted clones out of the clone box. Rooted in RW.

    I put them in their pots with the hydroton and set them back under the light.

    They are all drooping real bad... This is one to show the newbies that even a veteran grower can have problems!

    I stuck them back in the clone box and they perked right back up.

    Whatcha think, lack of humidity or cause the room is a little cooler than the clone box?
  2. I would say transplant shock? Even though I have never had this phenomenon. I am guessing you neither. Just give them a day or 2, and keep your fingers crossed.
  3. Well since their in RW cubes and all i did was place the cube in a pot with clay rocks they are really not transplanted. (the roots have not been disturbed at all) I am thinking its humidity because...

    The temperature in the clone box is the same as it is in the room. The roots themself MAY be getting cold. thats about the only difference. Its about 90% humidity in the box and 40% in the room. Perhaps the leaves are aspirating the water out super fast? This is weird. The damn things have gotten adjusted to all that humidity and the roots are not pumping enough water to the stems/leaves to keep them erect I recon.

    I have alot of other clones in there that are not rooted yet so I cant just prop the lid up a little at a time to acclimate them to the lower humidity. I might have to run and get something to use as another humidity dome.
  4. Okay temps are the same in the box as on top of the box. Its the humidity. They have new roots but dont want to use them cause they have been drinking through the leaves, Lazy little bastards!

    Im gonna leave them out in a shallow pan of water, they'll drink when they get thirsty enough by god! little bastards.

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