Transplanted 3 days ago. Leafs droopy

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by frosty420_24_7, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. I transplanted her 3 days ago into a bigger pot and yesterday she was showing new growth so I put a lil lst back on here. Why she looking sad? What can I do to fix her? 20190813_102655.jpg

  2. I think it’s your soil bro, no aeration
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  3. It's in a fabric pot and the soil drains good tho

  4. You could have possibly damaged her when you were transplanting....and now you are seeing the results.

    Don't know that....just throwing it out there. That's one reason I like to start in their final pot, if I can help it. Transplanting for growers who have been doing it for a while is almost second nature to them....but ALOT of new/newer growers I see hinder their plants a bit with their transplanting efforts
  5. But can the roots grow thru that soil I guess is what I’m saying?
  6. Next time you transplant use some sort of mycorrhiza . I use Mykos by extreme gardening. It helps the plant from not getting transplant shock.
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  7. It looks dry to me. I usually don't put my plants under any additional stress (LST) right after transplanting for several days. They already go through a lot during transition to a new container and possibly new soil. What kind of soil are you using?
  8. Mix of home made an Walmart inside potting soil

  9. Not a good idea. Seriously add some perlite (rinse it well) if you can’t get some better soil.
    Good luck, I’m gone.
  10. Perlite is awesome stuff if you are mixing your own soil, but I would highly recommend some prepared soil. I like Black Magic, and have had night and day results. There are many available and it's not expensive, but makes a shocking difference in the health of your plant. Also, big box stores like Home Depot carry it. If you choose to continue working with what you have, +1 on the perlite. At least it helps with drainage and aeration of the soil.
  11. I think you should maybe restart.. Plant looks crazy imo. Might not be worth the time for the yeild. Just my 2 cents.. Any before pics of it?

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  12. Ways use MYKOS or Great White when transplanting. I used MYKOS first time and wow no issues with autos or anything.

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