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  1. Well i am starting to germinate a set of 10 seeds today. And i was really confusedo n a starter mix that will give my plants the most. Ive seen alot of mixes lately and im trying to think of the best one for me.

    First off i am planting outside in the midwest. i Figure i let them germ and when they crack il put them in the mix and set them outside in starter mix in cup for a few hours and slowly increase the time so i wont have to much sun exposeure and kill my plants. ITs early summer so the sun is up probably 14 hours from 6-8.

    My soil im planting into is soil that has a somewhat sandy rocky consistancy.

    I was wondering which starter mix would do me best for those condition.
  2. Your best mix is a 50/50 peat moss and perlite ( coarse preferably) This will give you a nice airy medium to get a good root system established and also will retain moisture well enough that they won't dry out too much. Your best bet taking your seedlings outside is to have them under flouro light inside for a couple weeks till they get a bit stronger then transplant at night into your hole you should have already prepared before hand at least a couple weeks in advance is ideal. Water in with a couple gallons depending on hole size to get it good and moist I personally use Botanicare Liquid Karma and also used a bit of molasses to get things going. My soil mix was as follows, 1 bale peat moss, 2cu ft of Krum's coarse perlite, 1 cup of plant tone organic plant food, 2 cups of dolomite. Mix it up and pour it into your hole water it in with LK and molasses mix I use about 10-15ml per gallon on the LK and a tbsp of molasses. This mix in the ground is light enough that it won't burn the plants and all the nutes in the soil are organic which is how you want it for this amazing clean nuggets. ;) I would never take cups outside as they would dry up too quickly you would need to constantly water. Hope my info and advice has shined some light on the subject for you. Good Luck!!! Happy Growing, Peace and Pot!!
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    Thats where i hit the snag. I cant grow inside at all.

    will sprouts grow in a shaded area? u can tie over branches.
  4. A sprout will grow but it will not grow well in a shaded area. I would stretch really bad and probably fall over without any support. I think your best bet if the weather is good would be to just germinate right in the ground. Put a 2 liter bottle top that you cut off over it as a make shift humidity dome leave the cap off for some air exchange. Seeds were doing their thing without our help for a long time. Starting them inside if you can is just giving you a better chance of survival but doesn't mean you can get a few going the old fashioned way. Nature's way.
  5. the reason i was wondering is its like 14 hours of sun here so i didnt want my plant to get to much sun n die so i could tie a branch over it to make sure it wont bake.
  6. Yeah you could probably get away with that till it gets bigger. But honestly a seedling should be fine no matter how much light it gets as long as it is kept moist that is the tricky part but if you are in the ground and watering regularly/raining regularly it should do just fine. Always remember that plants have been doing their thing in the great outdoors long before we came around.

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