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  1. Just transplanted from happy frog to ffof. It's been 3 days and I'm seeing some yellowing on lower leaves of one. The first set has had a little damage on them but are getting worse. Is this from the change in soil or should I look elsewhere? The first 3 pics are of the girl I just spoke of. The other girl looks really stiff. Should I be concerned?

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  2. While it was in the Happy Frog.....did you ever feed them nutes? It looks like nute deficiency.....which would make since in Happy Frog if you didn't feed them......I'm pretty sure Ocean Forest has some nutes in there so they should bounce back....if not, maybe give em a splash or two of some kinda food
  3. Might be a touch of magnesium deficiency. You might want to check your PH level.
  4. Your plants look just right! Don’t love them to death, let them grow. If you worry over every little spot or whatever, you will drive yourself crazy.

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