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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by YoungDro, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Okay, I have a plant that is a little over 2 weeks into veg (Soil grow, FFOF). I want to move it from its current 1 gallon pot into a 3 or 4 gallon pot. However, it was last watered about 3 days ago, and will probably go another 3 or 4 days until it needs its next watering. Should I wait until it is ready for watering to transplant? Because from what I've read, after transplanting it needs a healthy watering. Obv I don't want to overwater, so should I wait a few days? Or can I just do it now?
  2. I would wait. @2weeks, I'm sure it hasn't outgrown the 1 gallon pot.

    A month in would be more like it.

  3. keep it where it is until its big and strong, give it a good feeding before and after to help it get through the stress of replanting. 1 Gallon should get it all the way through veg without being root-bound.

    You want to keep em in smaller potters as long as possible, the larger and more dence the root ball the stronger the plant will be when it has to carry the weight of its buds. If you start it off in a 5 gallon the roots wont compact into a nice ball and it might have issues supporting its own weight later.

    In my soil grows I put them in small clay pots until they show a noticeable slowing in growth.. I then break the clay pot open and tranplant it to a large 7 gallon bag with fresh soil... They end up with a nice thick & sturdy stem attached to a ball of roots the size of whatever pot I started it in.
  4. I agree that at 2 weeks the plant hasn't filled out that 1 gal yet. You could transplant now if you wanted but OK to wait.

    Your question, though, has to do with timing the transplant within the watering cycle. From the plant's standpoint it doesn't really matter, and don't worry about watering it right after transplant being too much water because any excess will just drain out the bottom (overwatering is caused by watering too frequently, not by giving too much water in a single watering). But it will be easier for you to transplant if the soil is a little moist -- too dry and it could crumble apart, too wet and it will stick to the pot and mush in your hand as you transplant. You want the soil to hold together nicely so you can stick that rootball and soil as one straight into its new home.

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