Transplant to pot or ground?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by whats_marihuana, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. OKay, so I just moved the plant outside, should I keep it in the pot, or should I transplant it into the ground?

    let me know, asap please, thanks.
  2. bump, pleaseeeee?
  3. dig a 3x3 hole in the ground go buy some foxfarm ocean forest soil.... transplant into that.....
  4. well if its budding theres no use really its not gunna grow to much more and it would be more shock than anything. if its still vegging put it in the ground. plants in trash cans or wine barrels work well because you can still move it.
  5. I had amazing results using 4 gallon and 3 gallon pots. the plants in the 4 gallon pots are about 7' tall and flowering pretty good. but the ones in the smaller pots are about 4' tall and so heavy with buds they're falling over. 805farms is right, if they're is what it is..
  6. If you want your plant to be a monster, put it in the ground with quality soil of the proper pH and nutrient content.

    I'm assuming you're in the southern hemisphere.
  7. norther hem, and instead of messing with all the soil and all when I'm already this far in the grow, im gonna keep it in the pot.
  8. thanks man, you just inspired me to keep em potted. :]
  9. pots are also good if you gotta move em in a hurry (!@#$%$#@! orkin man) thanks for the + rep, my first one

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