Transplant to final spot before it rains?

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  1. So here is the forecast.

    May 14 [​IMG] Rain 48 70 % Sun
    May 15 [​IMG] Few Showers 59/47 30 % Mon
    May 16 [​IMG] PM Showers 60/52 50 % Tue
    May 17 [​IMG] Showers 61/50 40 % Wed
    May 18 [​IMG] Partly Cloudy 63/50 20 % Thu
    May 19 [​IMG] Sunny 68/51 0 % Fri
    May 20 [​IMG] Partly Cloudy 66/52 10 % Sat
    May 21 [​IMG] Partly Cloudy 66/51 20 % Sun
    May 22 [​IMG] Showers 67/51 30 % Mon
    May 23 [​IMG] Showers 66/52 40 %
    My options are...

    A. Continue to grow them in my garden and wait or week or so to transplant. My only concern is them getting over watered from the rain

    B. Transplant to their final spot tonight. My worry about this is the transplanting plus the rain causing stress.

    I am probably just over worrying, ever since they have been outside it has been nothing but beautiful days. This is the first hiccup.
  2. Rain won't damage them as if your soil mix is airy it'll just go through the pots (not overflowing or getting the soil out of them). But the main thing is the slugs will come after the rains. Have copper wire/slug bait against them. I would wait if possible and plant after the rains because of the slugs (and not much benefit if no sun).
  3. Makes complete sense! Around here its mainly snails though. But they don't really do a whole lot. I got some ol copper wire around here from some wiring projects a while back so i'll stick em under just in case. It's looking like a late may transplanting.
  4. Someone made the best copper slug guard called slug shields. They work and they stretch so they last all season.
  5. I like transplanting a day or two AFTER it rains. that way the soil is moist for the roots to expand. But planting them before the rain is fine as you don't need to water.

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