Transplant time? Suggestions wanted

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  1. Found this picture online


    seems to me my plants will soon be hitting the sides of my solo cup, so I need to get them transplanted so they keep going strong. Probably going to do this tonight when I get home from work, so any suggestions would be welcome!

    I'm going to lightly water them now to try and get the dirt damp and compact, hoping I can just slide it out of the cup and plop it in the new dirt. Looking at going to 12" pots, figure that should give them another few weeks of strong growth, hopefully at that point I can identify males and transplant the females to their final pots (2 or 3 gal, undecided yet). Was going to transplant right before their bedtime at 8pm (20/4) because I figured the down time would be better to let the roots get used to their new home without the stress of light.

    Anything I'm way off on here?

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  2. I'd transplant into 2gal minimum, other than that go for it.

    Do you have grow journal or a thread that shows your grow from the start?
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have 6x 12" pots already which is why I was just going to use those, then go to 3 gal when I know a sex.... I feel like using all that soil then throwing out half the plants is a waste :eek:

    Here's my main thread, mentioned it yesterday but no reply. Watered them down on lunch break, going to try and grab pots tonight for transplanting but it may have to wait until Friday
  4. Looks like home depot has 9" pots (~2.5 gal by my math) for $2.50 each... perfect

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