Transplant shock Pumps resin out

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    I have 6 sour deisels and one was growing in my aquaponics but spidermites made me pull it out and handle the roots blast the whole plant with water and stick it in soil.

    I guess the handling of the roots made the plant increase its resin production in 2-3 days. If I squeeze the buds my fingers will be stuck together, my other 5 plants is not that resinous.

    This is not the first time this accidentally happened, ive seen it happen multiple times throughout my years growing weed.

    Now im thinking before I harvest my others I will root shock 3 of them and watch for results, why not when its getting harvested regardless..

    Tons of threads about dark periods blah blah, Im seeing real results yet again
  2. Different opionions are a good thing and mine is very very differnt than yours dakilla. Potency and resin production in cannabis is genetic in nature. while it can be effected slightly with nitrogen and shade, the affect is negligable. Genetics that are inclined to produce abundant resin will do so, those that arent, dont.

    There is tons of research on stress and cannabis. Without question, the best way to make sure your plants produce as much resin as possible is to make sure they are as healthy and stress free as humanly possible. While there is some research that suggest that UV light, especially that produced by sunlight does have an impact on resin production over time, there is none, zero research that suggest that accute stress does anything more than increase the potential for hermaphroditism. Thats what the science says....

    Thats certainly been my experience. Good/potent genetics produce potent cannabis plants. The healthier the plant, the more of that potent cannabis one will aquire.

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