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    First grow, and the soil I'm using at the moment is really not working for the plant, as I'm sure you can see:



    So I'm transplanting into some BioBizz soil, and I'm sure I need to get rid of as much soil as possible from the plant, how can i go about this in the transplant? Carefully shaking/taking off the soil? Should I just leave that soil?

  2. It's showing signs on a nutrient deficency. Maybe a good pHed water flush might help.
    The root ball shouldnt be too big for that plant. If you think it's the soil, there would be no reason why you can't remove the plant/soil from the pot, and gently massage the old soil from the roots and repot it in the Biobizz soil. It won't do a bit of harm.
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    Just went to the hydro store, got my first set of nutes, biobizz, along with a sac of biobizz soil, hopefully now with the help of these proper materials I'll cure my plant.

    Thanks for the reply, ahh now I dunno whether to transplant into the biobizz which is already pre-fertilized with nutes aswell as starting a regime of nutrients. Will both be using too much, too soon? Or should I just introduce the nutes in a week or so and see what the soil does for the plant.
  4. OK I just transplanted. I broke as much soil away as I could, I then dipped the root ball into some tepid water as advised by the guy at the hydro store. Got rid of some more. I then put it into the pot of unwatered biobizz, he said not to water because soaking the root ball would have saturated the roots with water and I should just water in a day or so. Seems to be okay, cut off the now-dead leaves, hope that wasn't a big mistake.

    Hopefully it's all uphill from here!




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    You did right, the hydro guy was correct.
    And it doesn't do any harm pruning the lower leaves and branches, the lower leaves wither away and die anyway, the lower branches dont produce much bud, so it's best cut them too, making the plant put it's energy into worth while bud production, and plenty of air circulation.
    Even though the roots are still wet and the soil is still damp, i would lightly wet the top of the soil. It will leave the surface of the soil perfect for watering next watering, meaning... when you water it next time there will be a nice firm crust, rather that the top of the soil powdery, you will know what i mean.
  6. By the way, i like the diamond mylar, good stuff!

  7. I know exactly what you mean, it will be hard and firm rather than dusty and airy. I watered as you advised.

    Should I begin a nute programme? It's been 16 days, I know the plant is behind.

    Thanks :D

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  8. Just water the plant with water next couple of times (there maybe nutrients already in the soil), then mix up a 1/4 strength nutrient solution, it should put a bit of green into that plant. But, you are looking fine at the minute.

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