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  1. New grower with a question. Saw the results using oxyclone aeroponic system and want to try clones using it. I am a soil outdoor grower so can I take the clones and then transplant outdoors? If so, tips, tricks, etc. Worried about transplant shock.
  2. Welcome in .
    Sure. Clones be clones. They can come from any place and be done any style and go back to any style of grow.
    Doc M and I both grow outside and I clone in rock wool under a dome and he does an aqua system cloning.

    Humidity domes off for the photo.
    As long as I remember to reduce the humidity in the domes the last week they don't usually shock. It's going from 100% humidity to 20% like it is here that can hurt them. As long as the transition is gradual they do ok.
  3. Brassnwood,
    Thank you for the info. Those are good looking clones. I have tried cloning this year in medium, but minimal luck. I struggle with getting the medium to wet and then mold and stunted growth sets up. Thought I would try a different approach, hence oxyclone. If it works I can build a larger setup based off their idea and improve supply. Do you apply a folage spray prior to setting clones out

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