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  1. Plants almost 2 weeks old now, I had it planted in a rapid rooter towards the bottom of a 6" net pot in DWC. The plant seems to be growing more wide than tall, and the leaves are about touching the sides of the inside of net pot. I went ahead and poured all the hydroton out upside down, holding the plant and rapid rooter of course, and replanted it closer to the top, and filled it in with hydroton. I had a good sized root that was able to run all the way back down into the water. But some of the newer roots are suspended in the Hydroton.

    Should I fill up water to meet the shorter roots, and if yes, will they be able to grow through the hydroton.

    Here's some photos to show more clearly how I raised the plant.



    Thanks growers!
  2. As long as you have the majority of roots in the water the rest will grow rapidly into the water.
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  3. The other roots will have no problem digging through 2-3 inches of hydroton to get to the water then?
  4. Assuming they are healthy they could be touching in week, possibly sooner.
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