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  1. Hello
    As you know from my previous post my plants started to look droopyand sick about a week ago.
    After researching and talking to people here, we figure it has tobe a root bound issue where roots outgrow their current home and needs to betransplanted.
    I decided to move them to 3 Gallon pots and went ahead with theplan.
    The whole process is simple and mainly need confidence while youdo it. Here are the steps:
    (Make sure the transplanted plants haven't been watered for about2 days. That way they should slide outfrom their current pots much easier.)

    1. Add about 5 to 6 inches of your favorite soil to the bottom ofyour new pot.
    2. Put your hand in the pot with the plant stem between your middleand your index fingers.
    3. With your other hand, turn the pot upside down.
    4. Gently tab the bottom of the pot to loosen up the cube, making iteasier to come out. If your soil dryenough, the cube will just slide out. Ifnot, help it with your working hand (the one where you use your fingers tosupport the stem) and carefully pull the cube out. Generally you will see the root ball in the middleand small roots going all around like you see in the picture.
    5. I generally didn't clean any soil from the roots and just set thecube in the middle of my new pot.
    6. Use the soil mix to add to the pot and around transplantedcube. After you reach desired height, donot pack your soil tight, and just use your two fingers to pack at the edges ofthe pot. (very good technique shown to be by a veteran grower).
    7. After desired height is reached (usually about an inch down awayfrom the edge of the pot), prepare your water mix (I used distilled water, BioRoot and Nutri Thrive).
    8. Water the newly transplanted plant. I use close to a half gallon for the firstwatering. This gives me about 10% runoff but you won't have to water them again for about 3 to 4 days.
    9. After all that was done, I set my plants about 2 feet away fromthe reflector under 600W HPS. My plantto have them at that for about a week and then move them one foot closer.

    Those were all my steps. Checked my plants this morning. 60% improvement. See thepictures. Let me know what you think.
    First picture is how they looked right after transplant L and anotherof how they looked this morning J
    If I need to add anything to this miniguide, or have any othertechniques, please add it to this post.
    This may be something that didn't work for other but it definitelyworked for me.
    All the best

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