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  1. I will be switching to 12/12 soon and plan on transplanting from 2 gal. pots to 7.5 gal. pots. I will also have a dark period of 24 hours before I switch. Should I transplant before or after the dark period. thanks a bunch.
  2. I vote before the switch...other people may have different opinions though.

    The way I see it, I'd rather find my new home and settle in before starting a new life cycle than to start the new life and THEN find the new home, see? Plants and people aren't so different sometimes :rolleyes:

    That way they are good and ready to start flowering ASAP and you don't have to mess with them much more, ya know.
    It'll take time for them to really get used to the new pots and accelerate growth, about a week at most...I think it would make things move more smoothly to get that growth going before the switch rather than slowing them down for a week after the switch.

    Just my two cents, though. Hopefully someone else can chime in that has experimented with both methods.
  3. Thanks a lot. That seems to make sense to me. I appreciate it.

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