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  1. Today is day 28. It has 4 nodes and I think 3 new stems coming from where I fimmed it. I was wanting to start LST because right now it's stem is the right thickness, just there aren't side branches yet, the new growth is still just tiny leaves. Would LST help promote growth in those side branches because of the new light exposure? Is it old enough/strong enough for me to do a transplant? Asking because id like to transplant before lst thanks in advance.

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  2. I would transplant it, let it get a little more developed, than bend it over and start training it.
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  4. I zoomed in on The first picture ..
    It almost looks like you have Powdery Mildew ?

    easy for me to say ( RDWC grow systems ) but My plants go straight from the cloner into its own 20 gallon RDWC grow reservoir .
    MY point is I transplant once .
  5. Try burry the stem when transplant. Remove dead cotyledon, first and second set of leaves. Burry that!! Check if you can increase your light and put a fan near it!
  6. Its light burn from being to close to the light, i just lowered the other day so itll go back to healthy green.
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  7. Definitely transplant and bury the stem to the first set of leaves.
    Bending the plant over will promote lateral branching, but not because of light exposure.
    Here's a couple of plants at 3 weeks from sprout that I just bent over to start my lst. The second pic is one week later - 4 weeks from sprout.
    LST at 3 weeks.JPG 4 weeks auto.JPG
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  8. Ill be transplanting tonight then, i just wasn't sure if it's roots were established enough. Ill definitely bury the stem when i do, thanks !
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  9. When i do that, do i take off the true leaves and the first set of fan leaves? Or do i take off the true leaves only and bury the stem to right underneath the first set of fan leaves?
  10. Done and done shes happy and healthy!

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  11. Nice.
    Good luck. :thumbsup:
  12. That lil guy is pretty
  13. Thank you!
  14. No prob homie. Keep on growin!

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