transpantation or not?Please help me

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jefreymineiko, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. i have an autoflower in 25 day from seedling and its 11''(28cm).I have it in a 2.6 gallon pot.Should i transplant it in a bigger pot?Or leave it in this pot?
    the strain is from herbies "flash babylon" (northern light-ruderalis)
  2. Everything I have ever read recommends 1 foot of pot size per 1 foot of plant if you use that as a guideline, your plant could be 30" tall and the pot you have it in now would still be sufficient...your Auto probably wont get that big, I hear they tend to be smallish type plants.
  3. I grew my auto's in a 1 gal bucket, and they came out amazing. I wouldnt even bother if you already have them in a 2.6
  4. you mean 1 gallon pot per 1 foot of plant? Because my pot is not 1 foot tall.It's 2,5 gallon = 10 inches

  5. Sorry dude, I meant to say 1 gallon of pot size per 1 foot of plant height....musta been high or something.
  6. 1 gallon per every 1 month so if I grow my plant for 4 months I use a 4 gallon pot

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