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Transitioning from into body weight excercises

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Jason Van Jason, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, i'm slowly transitioning body weight exercises such as pull ups, etc. Into my workout routine. I'm about 240 right now and really struggling with some of my less than strong muscles that are being used in these body weight exercises, mainly in the middle of my back almost near my shoulder blades, resulting in a near debilitating amount of pain day after.

    Any exercises, free weight, pulling or even body weight to ease this transition?

    My gym has given me access to basically any workout imaginable so I'm not equipment limited here.

    In the past, I've preferred kettlebells, free weight, bench press, squats, pulling, as well as the low row.

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  2. I’d look into calisthenics and try out some of the programs they have .. I’m active duty military .. and I’m trying out a calisthenics program from thenX .. you can look them up on YouTube .. and take what you can get .. have you started a meal plan ?

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  3. No meal plan yet! I'll check them out thanks

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  4. do stretching, mobility, core stability, conditioning, and cardio, your body must be fucked up to put into words transition. what the hell are talking about ??? basic body movements, are you learning to walk and have control of limbs??? you just do them. your back needs to be looked at. try foam rolling it in the mean time
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  5. LMFAO hes saying hes switching over to or mixing calisthenics very slowly is what it appears. I love the results of weights so fucking much but my body can't handle 10,000 shoulder shrugs a day. So I went full out calisthenics an i love this shit but miss those awesome gains from weights

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