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  1. Could any of you nice expert fellas steer me in the right direction? I need to start giving bloom nutes but I am a little confused..

    I've been using grotek monster grow Pro(18-36-1) and the bloom nutes currently have is AN pH perfect bloom (1-3-4).

    It seems like the plant going from getting a bunch of nutes(18-36-1) to getting a measly 1-3-4 would not be happy?

    I'm growing a strain called "ice" outside, it's about 4 1/2 -5ft tall and a good 3ft wide. I'm so proud of her cuz I've only got a couple grows under my belt and this thing is beautiful I love her lol.

    I wanna keep her happy

    I defoliated it the other day, I found this guide I found by nebula about early flowering defoliation. Is this a good idea?

    Thx in advance to all u vet growers for helping all US noobs out so much. It's very valuable info and it's time consuming to get on here to help. Thx

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  2. I don't consider myself an expert. I learn something new all the time...even after 25+ years.

    I just trimmed up the bottoms and centers of my (similar sized) plants today. A full shave down low....grow shoots only in the center up just above midway. I haven't seen that particular tech to know if it's the same/close to the same process I do... but I think it is always a good idea to thin things out just as the bloom gets underway. Unless that want a bunch of small shit to trim. LOL.

    That Grow fert has shit tons of N. I think you'd be OK with the switch to the AN formula. If it were me I'd water them a few times with no nutes.....then start the AN at half strength before going to full strength. If it seems "measly" and your plants show you they need more food, up the frequency of application or buy something else in a bit stronger formulation.

    good luck with your bloom cycle! Slow and steady for the win!
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  3. Awesome that is great.. I also shaved some at the very bottom but I'm gonna have to take it upwards a bit. This is my first photoperiod strain outdoors and it's very exciting to watch what the power of the sun can do..

    Thx much man and btw i would say 25+ yrs would qualify as expert lol

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