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transition indoor to outdoor

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by save.da.country, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. I just moved back from Las Vegas to Hawaii :D ive grown only inside and ive been adventuring with my brother in the mountains and we've found some prime stops here on the island im on ;) i just want to know if growing indoor is harder then outdoor or vice versa. ive read grower guides but i thought nothing better then having the support of my band of brothers. this will be my frist outdoor crop as my brothers also. also what are some good ways to cover trails you make ?
  2. well welcome back. im also on the islands of hawaii. its super windy now days huh!! well out doors for us luckly have great benefits.. all year growing! outside is fine here as long as it can catch that sun before the mountain gets it. just have good soil and nutes and dont worry about the sun. it will grow!
  3. rajah dat "just leave um and dey grow yeah lol" yup i got about 5 prime places to grow a kali crop just the fucken green harvest can see 2 of the crops. just thinking the 3 should be find about 10 plants each ;)
  4. dude your in heaven, that island can take a lot of strains to the limit. but you gotta listen to the locals.
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    i am a local again lol yessss. but my uncles had crops all over the place when they were my age they told me some prime places to grow and were there old crops were. so thats what me and my brother are doing today searching lol there has to be a few stray plants still growing like christmas trees :hello: does anyone know a good website to obtain seeds for cheap? im looking for low growing plants and or 90 day wonders lol
  6. 90 day plants suck major ass dude if your gonna do it do it GOOD!! Try a bad ass sativa or something, but on the Island I wouldn't waste time on no autos. ask some of the older guys in the growing forums for a recomendation. and ATTITUDE is the place for seeds, just research the strain before you buy.
  7. i love to grow my Tivas and iver also had some fat 90 day wonders i grew that my uncle gave me. they were a deep purple with a whiteish crown and weilded a good amount of buds. i guess its hit and miss
  8. Some ways indoor is harder but in others it's easier....

    indoor: Harder to control insect and fungal issues.

    outdoor: Harder (or impossible) to control theft, natures forces, bud rot / mold.

    I would really make sure you select mold / rot resistant strains such as Durban Poison, Early Girl, Kali Mist. Be warned though all of these strains are Sativa and will grow 10-15 tall if not controlled via LST or SCROG.
  9. my foudation strain is a very good strain for me the look, the high, the yield are all great...for me, but as far as being a "super" anything its not. I mean I could get a small fortune for it on the market if I was that type but there are better stronger strains out there. Now the point Im trying to make is that I have tried a multitude of auto strains and not ONE not a single one even holds a candle to my sativa/indica foundation strain.

  10. im just looking to get the stoned high, im not here to sale just to smoke my own lol. ive been smoking since 9th grade i am now 22 and really need to stop buying 8ths and spending money. im just looking to set up maybe 10-20 plants a year to supply my friends and family of course not for free but just till i pay back all the money i put in. then its gonna be a fat smoke sesh till the next harvest

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