Transiberian Autoflower 11 weeks only just showing sex

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  1. to all you growers hoping to seed to weed in 6 weeks for an autoflower here is my story,

    My previous autoflower (greenhouse Big Bang) took 100 days and I was so impatient (expecting it to take 42 days)

    So my my new autoflower is at least 6 weeks behind that, and it grew 3 inches last night, I am going away at the end of December and am seriously considering switching to 12/12 next week if the flowering doesn't speed up.
  2. intresinting man how many flowering sites do you have on it? i was going grow this strain based on the lovely pics of it but my order got seized.
  3. 12/12 will not speed up the flowering process. It will just reduce yield in an auto flower. I have found however that keeping under HPS for the entire grow will reduce time by a week or two. the vendors are all full of shit about harvest times with auto are right about that!
  4. If it's 11 weeks old and just showing sex it's not an auto flowering strain.
    Simple as that.
  5. If it started flowering while she's still on 18/6 it is a autoflowering strain. If you haven't been using nutrients, you should start. Giving the plant the nutrients it may have been deficient in will help it grow to its best abilities.

    One thing you should consider in your next grow if you decide to grow autos is a lighter growing medium. Auto's are affected big time if the roots are struggling to push through dense soil.
  6. I've grown x2 autos and currently have x2 more autos growing, from my experience auto usually start to flower on day 26 give or take a day or so. I've been running an 18/6 lightcycle the whole time, but have found an improvement LSTing.
    But I've never belived anything the breeders details say, I usually base my flowering time from roughly the day I see signs of flowering.
    So roughly day 26 onwards and all autos I've grown so far have gone at least 10 weeks.
    But lots of factors to consider on how your autos are growing and when they start to show signs of flowering.
  7. Use nitrogen and you will likely have long delays. Nirvana has been spot on. Good soil Good lights and 9 or 10 weeks never an issue.

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    An auto flowering plant does not have a vegetative stage.
    It goes straight into flowering as soon as it sprouts, even though it may not show sex for a 2 or 3 weeks it is flowering from the start.
    If his plant was growing for 11 weeks without flowering or showing sex it was in vegetative growth, and can't be an auto flowering plant.
    I'm not 100% sure  on this but I'm pretty confident, anyone else that can chime in?
  9. autos will take a long time to start flowering if it takes alot of stress I.e. wrong mediums, heat, nutrient/light deficiency. Saying that a plant that only shows signs of flowering at 11 weeks cant be a auto is incorrect . Thats what I was sayingbin the post before.

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