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    I recently dropped over $200 bucks on Transformer Tubes, and I'm here to tell you all about them! 

    Let's start with a link to Transformer Tubes at Grasscity and the official Transformer Tubes page.  It's worth noting that, as of writing this, Grasscity only has the Feynmann complete kit.  I strongly encourage Grasscity to pick up the milking chambers, grates, and dome percolators, as they will allow people to actually enjoy the brand.

    So, let's start with the fact that these suckers are STRONG.  Strong enough that I accidentally stuck the top of mine into the cieling fan, and had no problems whatsoever.  It's been clunked around, banged into tables, knocked over, and who knows what else.  This is the party bong, but for more reasons than just strength. 
    When I swung by my friend's house with a small shoulder bag, he had no idea I had a bong with a path-length (read: height) of over 5 feet.  I feel completely comfortable traveling with this, because it occupies such a small space.  In fact, I was initially upset because the box my pipe arrived in was so small, I thought I only got 1/2 the shipment.  These suckers pack away like nobody's business.


    I'm a glass man myself, so trying a polycarbonate bong was a step out of my comfort zone.  Forunately, glass never touches the base thanks to a rubber grommet, reducing heat transfer.  In addition, I put a few precoolers on mine.  I notice the pipe tends to have a bit more 'give' or flexability, but keep in mind I'm refering to a piece that is over 3 feet tall.  The taller it is, the more you can bend it, even if only slightly.

    I loved being able to re-arrange it.  In fact, when smoking with a friend, one of us would re-arrange it while the other packed fresh bowls.  Imaging smoking with friends, and each one of you gets a turn to redesign the bong.  It adds an entire new level of complexity to the pipe.

    Here are some of my favorite elements of the set I got.  For constistency's sake, all links will go to the default Transformer Tubes page because GC doesn't have most of these yet.  If the links are dead, I appologize, please rely on a search engine.
    ('Lids' don't have to go on top, and 'milking chambers' are just tubes without any special function.)

    The Hyper Perc.  This beast requires some lung to operate.  It's not for the faint of heart.  Basically, water travels up the small tube, and rests in the chamber above.  It creates a crazy, churning vortex of water and smoke.  I've literally never seen anything like this. 
    PS, they talk about "adjuested downstem position," but I put two open connectors at the bottom and it fit just fine.  If you don't have a special base it will probably fit just fine, I assume.  If this is confusing, looking at the pictures of the items will help. (oops, forgot to change the bowl first)

    The Dome Perc.  It is what it sounds like: a percolator.  When I made my purchase, I bought 6 percolators off the "cosmetically imperfect" list.  One of them has a tilted dome.  The other 5 look amazing to me, so I'm not sure what their imperfection is.  They have a horizontal percolator listed, I REALLY wanted to try it, but I'm just a poor man with 5 metaphorical kids to feed.
    The Grate Lids, which I have deemed The Great Lids.  I figured these wouldn't do much.  I was wrong.  I was so wrong.  I was steeped in wrongness, absolutely brimming over with wrongability.  These are the single greatest things I have ever seen.  A small layer of water rests on them thanks to surface tension, and when you pull, they percolate.  NB: the slits on these are significantly smaller than the slits on the ice-tube, and rightly so.  I got about 5, I should have got 15 or something.  For a bonus point, try at least 3 of these right on top of each other, with either a perc or an empty milking chamber above them, followed by an ice chamber.  It's just amazing. 
    See vid in later post
    The Ice Chamber.  It catches ice.  You can use a milking chamber with a grate lid on the bottom, but the ice chamber has bigger gaps for more airflow, and won't trap water with your ice, which (probably?) melts it faster.

    I wanted to get extra creative, so I added a Downflow Hookah percolator using an extra downstem, a spare lid of a Hyper Perc, an open connector, a male-male connector, a female-female connector, and two U joints. 
    It was fun, and I like busting it out to mess with people.  It's also a GREAT way to make a very "tall" bong that isn't actually tall.  Just know that it's a lot of parts just to add some percolation, and it will add to drag. 

    A final bit, the Anti-Clog bowl.  I love this thing.  Once I save up some more money, I might just pick up a few more of these, just in case.  Seriously, new favorite bowl. 

    Overall, I am VERY pleased with my new piece.  It's instantly become my #1 travelling piece because I don't have to worry about it breaking, and it's easy to transport without attracting attention.  If you want the price or durability of Acryllic, or you want a piece that you can switch around, give these guys a try.
  2. New store: build-a-bong
  3. For 200 bucks, I wanna see some detailed percolation vids etc. Post a video, preferably detailing each of the percs you mentioned. Id love to see more. Not typically an acrylic dude...
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    I should to clarify that without the bits to make it go down and back up, it would have been something closer to 120.
    I make no apologies for. . . whatever that was.
  5. ah, i see. 
    Still, lets see some milk  :bongin:
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    I myself own the transformer tubes and have so for the last six months I picked it up at the end of my snowboarding season and I love it there are only three distributors and all of New York State and only one of them was within driving distance i'm not the kind of person who likes to patiently wait for something to arrive in the mail if I can drive somewhere pick it up and have it on me I prefer that I bought mine at a headshot by the Buffalo international airport on transit Road when I got there the lady told me they were out of stock when it came to the frozen solid freezer model but I got to build my bong how I wanted right at the store I bought the Ice chamber with glass beads two dome percolators a flint filter a base and a milking chamber for $140 and I love it I have use mine for a few social gatherings the bong I love mine so much is it hits like a glass ball but I can travel with it with no worries I have a traveling bag that consist of a simple knapsack backpack that all of the pieces fit into with one exception I keep my glass bowl and stem and a water bottle full of bubble wrap to protect it the thing I love the most about it is I've been searched ones with the backpack they simply opened it up and looked inside and only saw water bottle and towel wrapped around my transformer tubes so upon first glance looks just like a water bottle full of water the officer asked me what I was doing and I said I was going on a jog he looked inside the bag and told me I had to leave the area and I left at nobody was the wiser I love the fact that I can bring it to a party like the Fourth of July and have it completely set up and ready to smoke out of in under a minute i've had two very expensive glass bong that were broke because of negligence on people's behalf after dropping $500 on two very expensive glass bongs I decided to go plastic I plan on adding a few more glass pieces to my bong but I'll probably never go back to glass
  7. Does anybody know any websites where you can pick up transformer tubes with cosmetic defects at reasonable price and if so could you please comment back with the links
  8. I'm trying to put a glass percolator inside of my transformer tubes

    I was just wondering if I can put these items together to make a one-of-a-kind awesome class percolator inside of my transformer to using a regular milking the chamber and the Downstream Adaptor Lid and that's removable glass percolator tree arm here are the dimensions for the removable triage glass percolator will it fit in the milking chamber

    Manufacturer:BLAZE Glass.
    Glass Patterns and Techniques:
    Fumed Size: 9 cm / 3.5 inch Diameter: 30 mm Joint Size: 18.8 mm
    i'll leave the links below in case is this possible for me to make a awesome percolator out of these parts 18.8 mm
    i'll leave the links below in case is this possible for me to make a awesome percolator out of these parts if you could email me back all of the same dimensions that list the class percolator diameter of The pipes the size of them so I can see if I can fit this in I would love that
  9. They wrote me back this is what they said

    Hey Mathew,

    That's a cool idea. The inner diameter of TT's is 38mm and milking
    chambers are 150mm tall, so theoretically this perc that is 30mm OD
    and 90mm tall would fit. For the Downstem Adapter, you would need the
    "connector" variety rather than the "lid", as the connector has male
    threads to put the milking chamber on it.

    Let me know if that works out for you.

  10. It works the removable glass percolator inside of the transformer tubes and it works better than any glass bong I've ever hit it hits like it's got a filter but it's only being filtered by water

    View attachment 1577456

    View attachment 1577457
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