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  1. didnt know how to word a search for this or i would have. I put some seeds onto plates with wet paper towel and germinated them, the sprouts coming out bottom. i want to grow dwc and wanted to know if you would just cut rockwool cube in half and lay seed inside it and close the cube? place cube with root down into a pot with root down and let it just grow? would this work or is there a better way?
    thanks in advance
  2. Do the method you suggested with the rock wool but do not cover it with soil until it has sprouted. When it has sprouted then burry the rock wool cube in soil with about 2 inches of soil from the top of the pot then when it grows some more you have room to add some soil so the stem is buried to the first set of leaves when they have grown.

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  3. Great advice except the OP is growing DWC. OP - do the rockwool. Good luck.

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