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  1. Hey blades, I don't know which forum to ask questions in but,
    I haven't smoked in such a long time, I just landed a job and I have a drug test on monday. I'm going to be transferring locations in about a month, and I work for the county by the way, do you think I will get drug tested again when I transfer?
    Once again sorry if this is in the wrong forum
  2. It really depends on what you do for your job...give us a little more info.
  3. Maybe, maybe not. Stay clean just in case.

  4. I work in Parks & Rec as a cashier

  5. I highly doubt it then but like Demiurge said I'd just play it safe you never know..
  6. Alright thanks very much guys, I appreciate it

  7. As long as your register is balancing out ok you should be fine.
  8. You will be tested. Get a fake dick.
  9. Yeah I think you will get tested also. Just be prepared no big deal.
  10. seeing as you live in gay ass Florida they probably will test you the 2nd time also.

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