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  1. I dont have an X-box but two of my friends do, and I have been playing this one game at one of their houses. He doesnt really want the game anymore, but I would love to play it at another friends house but i cant just take the other persons x box over to the new house because I would like to regularly play the game at this other house. That being said, is there any way to transfer data over on the ORIGINAL X box so I can do this?

    Also if anyone knows about transferring wii data that would be great too.
  2. I am not positive this works on the orginal but it does on the slim, so may aswell see if it works. (Also not on my xbox atm so may not be exact)

    Firstly on the xbox that has the saved game, have a blank usb in the memory slot, go over to settings in the dashboard, memory (your usb device should be at the bottom).

    Then select your hard drive, hit Y, transfer content, it will ask you to choose your destination device (choose your usb). Then select games, then the game you are playing and finally the saved game, deselcting everything else, including avatar items, gamer pics, videos, demos and any other saved games etc.

    Start the transfer and when finished, put the usb into your other friends xbox, and follow the same instructions, but instead of transfering from hard drive to usb, do the same the other way round and your saved game should be transfered.

    * Sometimes the xbox may not register your usb, and it may need to be configured (wiping the memory), but it should ask you if u wish to do this, select yes.

    Sorry for the long explanation, hope it is understandable and helps.

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