Transferring Seedlings from soil to Hempy Buckets

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  1. So I have a 3x3x7tent with a 435 cfm fan and a 400hps.

    Currently, I have 4 tiny femmed wonder woman seedlings in FFOF in 18 Solo party cups.. They just broke through soil two days ago.

    I was doing a lot of reading, and decided that I wanted to try and do this Hempy Bucket style instead of soil.

    My question:

    When and how should I transplant into the perlite buckets?
    I am gonna use three gallon buckets.

    MY plan was to let them get a little bigger, then during the transplant, dip the roots in room temp ph balanced water to clean them off, then straight into the hempys. What do you guys think?

    Best to let them grow out a bit first right? How many leaf sets do you think?'

    TLDR: 4 brand new seedlings are currently in soil, I want to transfer to hempy buckets, how long do I wait.
  2. Why do you want go Hydro? Hydro can be overwhelming for some, there allot more Factors you got make sure stay correct in order to get a decent harvest. One mistake can cost you whole system. Also Organic Soil Grow produce Much TASTIER product, and leave room for error. But if you real want to then i would get it done ASAP no Reason letting a Baby Sit in dirt if your not going to grow it in dirt. The Faster it get use to its medium that Ur going to be growing in the Better.Also when you do Ur transplant wash root in a Ph'ed bucket with a Little Super thrive or Vitamin B1 it will help Minimize Stress done to Ur Baby's. Also I would Transplant During a Dark Cycle So as not to Cause to much stress .
  3. I mean they are literally brand new seedlings. 3 days old now. You dont think they would have a better chance of survival if I waited a week?

    Well I guess I want to try it because I have heard that you can greatly increase the yield of your grow. Also, its sounds very easy to do. Perlite is PH neutral, so as long as you ph the water you give it, you will never have any ph problems. Its also much easier to maintain the perfect watering and nutes with this method. Also, I have heard that it improves growth speed and yields. Is this not true?
    I have done a few small grows, and I just stepped up and purchased all of my eqpmt, and I want to get the most out of it.
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    Increasing Yield is Debatable, it does increase growth speed. But with most hydro it lacks in the Flavor department! You can't beat a good Organic Soil Grows FLAVOR. As for Hydro being Easy i wouldn't say that. With Hydro you are counting on Ur Rez for everything, meaning one mistake may it be Temp's, PH, Ppm Or Deficiencies it will effect ALL your Plant's. Unlike with Soil where as a problem usually will start with one plant and move on to other's giving you the time to diagnose the problem and fix it. i just hate seeing everyone wanting to run to Hydro because they been told It FAST QUickEr BEtter Easier!! Cause it not true when you try to grow indoor the idea is to make a perfect Climate that matches one you find in nature. Do you find plants growing hydro with nothing but CHEMICALS for Food?

    But any how about transplanting it all when you feel secure that you can provide the proper care for them. Some peeps start there Seeds in Rock wool to be ready for hydro. They Do hand water usually until Plant is Set. But it all where u feel comfortable if u would feel better to wait till it 6 " tall then do so. But my thing is that the Longer you wait the Big the Transition going to be for the Plant, which will cause Increased STRESS. Also when you do transplant Dont full dose them with nutes ease them into it! One more thing Always Transplant, Clone on Dark cycle will help with the Stress, get them bitchs while sleeping they tend to wake up Happy!!

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