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    Ok so i started my first indoor grow close too a month ago now. The plant is a bit sick and stretched some from over watering and i added nutes farr too soon. I decided it was time to move the plant into a bigger pot but i did not know how to do this correctly. I ended up cutting the keg cup it was in an removing the plant roots and all, and then carefully placed the plant into the new pot and filled it in/ made sure itwas upright, then i watered it a bit.

    did i do this wrong? i fear becuase iremovedthe plant from the soil and the roots got disturbed, that i may have just killed the plant. It is also in a new grow box now with much more light and such.

    ****EDIT: after about an hour sincethe xfer, the plants leaves are sagging and the stem looks a bit heavy/leaning....should i just start over?***
  2. Never give up lol. So your saying you removed all the soil from your rootball? Transplanting can be stressful for a plant and it will probally show some signs of that. Its no big deal. Just give it a few days and it should resume growth. Once it gets use to its new home its going to take off, plants love getting more room and they'll reward you for it. Don't fear MJ is a very resilent plant.
  3. SUCESSS!!! you were right, after givingit a day to adjust, she is up straight and begining to grow once again. Thanks for the advice.
  4. I just repotted my plant too I hope it works out okay.
  5. Im sure its going to do great DMOB12, how old is she and what size container did you put her in?

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