Transferring Kief from tray to crusher?

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  1. So I recently bought a new 4 piece grinder, and it just so happened came with one of those Cali Crusher things for free, so yay for that. A friend showed me sort of how to use it, but one odd and simple thing I'm kind of fuzzy on, how do I transfer the kief from the grinder tray into the crusher?
    I mean, last I checked, it's sticky, right? So I don't want to just use my fingers, and I can't just tilt the tray and pray for the best :p
    And of course it takes a bit to accumulate enough kief and all that, so I don't want to screw this up and waste it because I dumped it out on my floor or something.

  2. wait im so want to transfer kief from where to where? either way, i use a guitar pick to move kief, or a glossy business card you can bend and make it any size you need it.
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    origami funnel
    assuming you can source paper

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