Transferring baby marijuana plant

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  1. Today I went to open my window in my room because it was getting hot to I open my window(my window is at ground level) and a little plant caught my eye. It looked like a baby weed plant. I jumped. I look around and I find another one to my right! I looked around some more and no other plant around my window looks like those 2 plants. I always throw my seeds out my window so I doesn't surprise me as much. I also found another one on the other side of the house and its about 3 inches.

    But now I want to transfer them to a pot and put them in a woods by my house.

    My question now is what steps should I take to transfer them, because I dont want to kill them. And how do I keep pests away

    P.S. :how do you guys think they look?


    heres my third one the biggest

  2. wow! amazing how didnt you notice that earlier, you mus be happy.
  3. Hell yea. It feels like I knocked up a girl at a party and all of a sudden I have 3 kids. Exept im happy about it.
  4. rofl.

    It looks like they grew right between some rocks or somethin. I guess what I would do, since they look pretty healthy already, is let them grow there. Unless it's a bad location in which someone could easily see them, and you wouldn't want the plants too close to your house (let alone your window).

    So if you have to transplant them... pull away all the rocks, set up about a 7 inch perimeter around the plant, and dig about 7 inches down (I'm just approximating. increase these measurements if the plants are any bigger than they are when you took those pics). Then pull that entire chunk of dirt right up from the ground, place it in a pot or something, then transplant elsewhere (or just leave it in pot). A big hole will be left in the plant's place, so dig up an equal or bigger amount of dirt from somewhere else (like your woods) to fill in the hole, then cover it back up with those rocks.

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