Transferring at semester. Go out with a bang?

Discussion in 'General' started by dustyyy, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Well after one semester in college, I'm already transferring (picked the school based on the huge scholarship they gave me, went undecided as a major, only to finally pick one the school doesnt offer :/). I didnt have a good first month. I focused on grades and didnt bother making very many friends, socializing, or going to parties. The school is 6 hours away, so I also miss home and all my friends too.

    So now that I dont plan on seeing these people again after 3 months, I really want to have some fun. I found out on Friday, so over the weekend I crashed any party I could find. Got hammered. This kid and I ended up stealing a couch from a sorority house and carrying it across campus to our dorm room. I've already hooked up with 2 different amazingly hot girls since Friday--on that couch. Last night I convinced a few people from our floor to saran wrap the doorways to the girls wing.

    I feel like I'm just doing average stuff though. I don't plan on doing anything too major just yet, I'll save that for later on. But you guys got any ideas?
  2. If you get caught you lose "good standing" with the school which is required for transfering. It might not make it impossible, but it could make things unneccesarily complicated.

    What is the major in question? Where do you go and where do you plan to transfer?

    And if by hooked up you mean "slept with", then you obviously need to stay because at this rate you're sleeping with a different girl every 3 days.

    +Rep for stealing the couch.
  3. Panty raid.
  4. BTW, debt fucking blows.

    Consider sticking it out depending how sweet the scholarship is.
  5. Most people don't end up getting their degree in the field that they initially choose upon beginning college. Personally, I've gone through 7 majors, and 3 colleges in 5 years. It sounds like in your "not giving a fuck" you're actually enjoying your time. Keep in mind there's more to college than books and papers, and it sounds like you're on a path to find out just how much more college offers.

    And ultimately what it comes down to is getting the piece of paper that says "I graduated from The University of X." What colleges don't tell you, is that employers don't really care what the degree is in (to an extent, so long as you're not looking to become a physicist and hold a degree in art). The real thing prospective employers look for is experience. Experience in the field of your choosing is what gets you a job, the degree just shows that you're capable of completing a task.
  6. Get a bunch of small annoying animals like mice or hamsters and release them in someone's dorm. Paint them bright colors just cause.

    Get 30,000 match heads in a bucket and let em off outside the school in front of a lot of people, then run

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