transfering plants

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  1. transfering plants \t\t\t
    \t\t\t<hr style="color: rgb(236, 252, 178);" size="1"> \t\t\t \t\t \t\t \t\they i found a random weed plant in my yard and it was prettyyy big i say about 6 inches.

    well i dug it up and like 5 mins before i put it in a styrafoam cup it started to wither a littlebit.

    i put it in some dirt and its still sorta withered... will it go back to normal in about an hour or something?:(
  2. a 6 inch plant should not be in a styrofoam cup...

    if im correct most styrofoam cups are TEEEEEEENEEEEY

    u prolly cut up all the roots when u took it out of the ground
  3. a big one..

    will the roots grow back? the plant looks like its showing some inprovement but it doesnt look as stiff as it did.
  4. the roots should grow back better than before, jus make sure you arent over watering and maybe get a fan on it. give it some time and try not to stress it out

    if its still bad after 3-5 days then ask some more experienced people

    good luck
  5. its stiff now.
  6. with all them posts u think u would know wut 2 do

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