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    Right, i germd another seed, and transplanted my current seedling from the BB to soil, My BB wasnt working well so i had to go for a soil grow, i got a taproot in 24hours on my other seed compared tomy first seeds 4 day germination.

    i baught some organic top soil and some perlite, i did a ratio of probably 2 top soil to 1 perlite.

    my question is, how often do i water these things in soil lmao?

    btw ive been awake like 40 hours and im basicly being kept awake by coca cola and proplus:hello:

  2. btw the browning was caused by the heat in the room before i got my thermometer / hygrometer, i put it in, it wentupto 32C, i got it steady at 26 now
  3. Well I don't really know why I'm chiming in because despite the fact that I 'know' the answer to your question, I rarely get it right myself!! Lol!


    Stick your finger in the soil, about an inch or so down, if it feels wet or you feel any moisture, leave it another day, check again and only water when your finger comes out clean cos the soil is dry. Roots need to breathe. When you water, give it enough that a few drops come outta the holes at the bottom of your pot.

    Hope I'm right, hope it helps! I'm blazed right now too! :smoke:
  4. cheers, dont think i got the best soil on earth, but it was the only organic non nuted mix in my town, its pretty mucky, worried bout a lack of air getting to the roots, just hope i put enough perlite in!

    aint blazed yet though, yesterday had a massive stoner session with my mates, dunno how im still awake tbh, probably the 10 proplus i took in 1 go
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    Yeah, you're never gonna sleep again man! 10proplus and caffeine?! You're awake for some time yet dude!! ;)

    Your soil'll be fine. :)
  6. you will more than likely over water rather than underwater. what i like to do is the following:

    1 - germinate using cup-o-water routine(24-48hrs in h20)
    2 - once taproot has sprouted i then use the paper towel routine
    3 - once i have a large enough tap root, 1/4" or so, I can transplant it
    4 - when transplantting into soil, i FIRST fill up container, and then water the cup with no plant/seed it in, this way you know the soil is moist. (let water go alll the way through the cup)
    5 - carefully place the seed in the cup, with the seed either just at the top of the soil or a little above it depending on how big the root has become.
    6 - take notice of the soils color, much darker in apearance, look for that, if you see it then you dont have to water. if the soil is more of a light LIGHT brown than it is DRY water it then (i ALSO push some dirt away from the top to make sure its not just the top layer that is dry)

    i think that covers it - here is the after math of using the above method ~>
  7. germed the seed and itsalready in the soil. the soil was already pretty moist when i got it, i had to break it up by hand then add perlite then mix together by hand, i added abit of water after putting my seed in and the same for the seedling (the seedling is neerly 3 weeks old btw lmao), theyre gonna both be females since theyre fem white widow seeds.

    gonna get a spray bottle in an hour or so to spray the soil.

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