Transcendence and the experience of God

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    I would like to speak of my experience of transcendence, and what it is like to be a God in what you may call a God realm. Most of you won't believe that I have had the transcendental experience, or have experienced a God realm. That's perfectly ok, since "I," or my identity in the world, am insignificant to what I'm trying to explain. Feel free to consider this theoretical writing, if you wish. It's kind of long, but I encourage you to read it if you're interested in the subjects of transcendence and Godhood.

    First, I'll try to explain how transcendence works in terms of "the world." It is all points of time, past, present, and future, collapsing into the present moment. You see it in terms of however you see your reality, or point in time, functioning. So you see the essence of people from, say, hundreds of years ago. They appear to be just some person in the world today, however, they will be speaking of, and acting on, things that occured hundreds of years ago. You can see clearly how the world you believe in, and everything within it, came to be, yet you see it all happening now. This is how you can influence the entire world, and all of its history. You see clearly how every decision that is made permeates throughout all space and time, yet the people are focused on their particular situation, as it pertains to wherever in space and time they believe themselves to be. Trying to really explain this to them is seen as pointless, since it is irrelevant to the situation, or what will come of the situation.

    That's just trying to explain the specific mechanics of the transcendental experience, and how you would understand it. Now, I would like to share some of the specifics of what I saw in my experience of direct, blatant transcendence. I saw the creations of man, the things of modern society, harden, and become one with the planet. These things did not exist as they exist now, and they sort of melted into the planet. The things of modern technology returned to their essential elements, and were just part of the planet. The division between man and animal no longer existed. I saw it in terms of an apparently confused society. I saw animals, but the other people were treating them as if they were human, essentially. The sort of people-animals seemed to be the ones who were completely incapable of keeping up with the advancements that humans made. They, as a result, morphed into animals that somehow coincided with their nature. This was based on the very method of our communication. For instance, the word bitch. We call girls bitches, which essentially means female dogs. Therefore, the girls who were unable to keep up with the progression of mankind who fit the essential nature of how us humans use this term "bitch," in terms of raw sexuality and being something which angers others, morphed into dogs, who still functioned in the same essential way, yet were now seen as being clearly inferior, since they were now just animals. Other people-animals became a form from a similar method of understanding.

    Now, I'll try to explain the experience of being a God, in terms of practical ways of being. When you are a God, you can literally do ANYTHING. Noone would ever question what you do. I have heard that unawakened individuals who enter God realms often accumulate much bad karma. This is the reason for it. When I say a God can do anything, I mean he can do anything. He can abuse others to extremes that people rarely discuss, or even think about. The best way I could describe those who were most devoted to a God would be slave. They are slaves, completely subject to their Master's, or God's, will. Many of the original scriptures of the religions actually use this word, slave, to refer to one who surrenders to God. As I said, they can, for instance, abuse someone as much as they want. As this individual is their slave, what you would prefer to call devotee, if the Master/God wants to abuse her(in my direct experience, I processed Masters as male, and slaves as female. I will use the term "her," then, in reference to a devotee, or slave), she might actually ask to be abused. If the Master wants, she will beg for it. I only processed abuse in a sexual way, which is why I saw the slaves as female, but it wouldn't have to occur in that way. It was just domination, and for me, I mainly see dominance in terms of sexuality. Now I'm not saying what you would perceive to be negative experiences solely define the God experience. It can be absolutely anything. It definitely includes love, and compassion, and all that stuff. I'm just trying to show the extremes of the possibilities, and how there are no limitations.

    From my awakened perspective, I saw, and felt, the entirety of the experiences as pure ecstacy. I saw how even if the devotee/slave was being punished to the extreme, it was actually pure pleasure, for both her and her Master. I tried to communicate the entirety of this, though I personally had transcended, to some of the people I knew. I did explain the love and pleasure aspect of it, but I tried to show how what they believe to be pain and suffering are actually the same as this unified love and pleasure. To me, I was expressing pure joy, and ecstacy. They could not process what I was trying to show, however, and they interpreted it as hateful, and painful. I saw how all evil of the world was just that. The perfect message of unified love and ecstacy being wrongly interpreted. I saw how this "dark" force worked in the world, so that eventually people will understand how it is all love and ecstacy. I felt bad for the evil people of the world. I saw how they were acting from the perfect transcendental impulse, but I also saw how noone understood, even themselves.

    Living in the "real world" is an interesting experience. I know and can see absolutely that reality does not exist at all how people believe, and how the things everyone absolutely believe in are actually illusory. That being said, there's no point in just sitting and telling everyone this over and over. It's absolutely impossible for most people to accept, for they define themselves and reality only through these filters. That being said, I feel something like an actor, participating in this play that everyone believes to be fully real. It doesn't detract from the experience. Just makes it interesting. I already know that most of you won't believe that I had this direct experience, so as I said feel free to interpret it as theory, or theoretical fiction. Hopefully you got something out of it, and enjoyed reading it.
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    I always enjoy reading your threads - you are certainly prolific my friend.

    Tell me something. How long did you work on this before you felt it was ready to post? I notice that whenever you do post something as a thread starter it almost always shows that it's been edited in situ. I do the same. I always pop back and read through what I've posted, even though I was sure that when I hit 'submit' it was ready to go, and I always feel I should make some small change here or there.

    Trouble with expressing these kind of ideas in words, is that I not only have to deal with finding the most appropriate ones to do so, but I'm also dealing with how people infer different things from what they read depending on who and where they are. I can sometimes spend ages editing something I write. While I can still need some time to speak it though, when I do, provided the person I'm talking to hasn't fallen asleep or run away, what gets said is so much more real and not in need of any editing whatsoever.
  3. That's the difficulty of talking in an online forum. People infer all sorts of things based on word choice, and they may not pick up on nuances I intended. I often edit my in-depth posts like this, sometimes multiple times, because I feel that people may not pick up on something I intended to get across.
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    I'm not sure whether it's ever possible to truly get across what you're trying to say in a way that this 'one size fits all' policy is trying to achieve.

    If that's true, then I suppose there's an argument to be made that any post of such length or complexity reveals more about the intentions and state of mind of the poster than any actual benefit that might be gained by the reader.

    Actually, having just read your post about books, it's clearer why you choose to post these things. You too need contact with people who can stimulate you in the moment, face to face, rather than just replying to something you've written. I know what that feels like.

    As I see it, you're someone who reveals wonderful insights and realisations. Such things would normally only appear after many years of spiritual practice, if they come at all, not from someone of your youthful age, which makes it all the more special. I'm not trying to blow smoke up your arse here but I think we're really fortunate to have you.

    I hope you won't mind me asking this, and perhaps it might've been better as a PM, but do you have any idea where you're going with your life at this point, or are you merely going with the flow right now? You've clearly got a lot to contribute, although I do wonder how many of those around you see that, as it's quite possible they get fed up with you often ;)
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    i know i have posted this a thousand times....
    but journey....
    i think you need to read this if you havent....and read it again if you have ......;):smoke:

    Transcendent Experience

    i see things in the way you write and in the way you show yourself to think......
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    Good read, I am curious though. What exactly did you do, if anything, to induce this transcendental experience? Obviously meditation and thought-processes played a huge role, but did you do anything out of the ordinary to help get you to this state?

    Edit: I also enjoyed all the symbolic implications of your "trip". People becoming animals, and vice-versa based on what other people see them as, and how they see themselves. This happens gradually in this reality, but after we die, it also continues to happen and carry into our "next life". Can't wait to experience transcendence for the "first time", heh :)
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    What brought it on was I was getting very in-depth in how humans communicate. I had been doing this for a few days. Trying to break down the entirety of how we communicate, based primarily off of letters, but using a great variety of symbols, differentiations, etc. to communicate the same essential message. Things eventually broke down into very simple symbols, like lines, circles, half circles, squigglies, etc. At a certain point, I was doing this, and all of the sudden I was drawing communication. I would draw a picture, and within this picture was contained a ton of messages. The picture was actually the result of the messages. It was absolutely insane. I found out that other people had a hard time seeing the pictures, though. It was absolutely beautiful to me, but they saw it as chaotic squiggly lines. I guess because of a lower vibrational frequency, only allowing for a limited range of sight. When I saw that I was drawing communication, I was overwhelmed with emotion and joy, and that's what really set it off.

    As I said, this whole thing had a relation to communication for me. I saw clearly the entire history of the world, and how all animals and groups came into existence. It's all basically based on how our mind works, and how we choose to conceptualize, and eventually communicate. The main "duality" I saw was light vs. dark. I saw how all of the races developed, and I saw how our method of communicating things created the animals, races, and sexual identities.
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    First of all, thank you! As far as what I'm going to do, I have huge plans for my life. I've always felt, my whole life, like people do so little with their life, compared to what they could do. It's always seemed strange that people seem to focus on one thing, and then settle into mediocrity at that one thing, and mostly forget everything else. It's tough to communicate what I want to do, since whenever I try I know they think I sound pompous or cocky or something. This sounds funny, but for one thing I kind of want to learn everything. I've always loved learning, but this was slowed down severely by my experiences in the educational system. Eventually, after High School, I started reading up on things and learning again. I learned so much so fast. I had a realization, that if I kept learning at a comparable pace to what I had been learning at, I could basically learn everything. I found it highly exciting, thinking about how much I could learn.

    I've hit something of a wall in the Philosophy and Spirituality department. For a while now, everything I learn is basically finding new concepts and words to articulate the same thing that I already know. Expanding upon this is enjoyable for me, don't get me wrong, but it seems clear the time is now to venture more serious in other areas. As I said in my book thread, I think I'm going to get more in-depth in complex mathematics, and hopefully expand upon my scientific knowledge. Sorry if I rambled. Lol. As far as my life, at this time right now I'm basically going with the flow. As I said, I want to learn more, but also get back into more basic enjoyable things. Music, videogames, sports, that sort of thing. Recently my creativity has been hugely sparked. I've been loving writing lyrics, and poetry. So, as far as what I want to do with my life. Tough to say, cuz it doesn't really fit in with any particular career. I'd like to write books. I'd like to help in the field of psychology. I'd like to help people with their life issues in general. I'd like to write, and make music. I'd like to write poetry. Basically, I just want to get very good at, and seriously contribute, to anything and everything that interests me, and I feel like I could make a difference in. I want to do all this while maintaining a very fun, light-hearted, and down to earth attitude. I find "normal" American fun things to be fun, as well. I see no reason to differentiate myself from that way of being, even though I also have other pursuits. I know this all sounds very ambitious, but all of the people who made a big contribution to the world didn't believe in the limitations other people did. That's why they were able to contribute so much. It really doesn't make sense to me to not believe I can do, and pursue, everything I want. Walls of limitation were meant to be tore down.

    And yes, people do get something like fed up with me. Lol. This is what causes the frustration. Everyone in my life showed interest in what I had to say for a while, but I just keep expanding and learning more and more, and I don't know anyone who is interested in progressing their mind at the same rate I am. Now, they don't like to listen to me, really. I usually progress my understanding in a day what most other people who are interested in learning do in a month or two. And most people aren't even really interested in learning. This is why when I talk to people about intellectual stuff, their eyes just sort of glaze over. They "listen," but I can tell they've already decided they're not going to really understand me. The people who used to understand me the most have actively decided not to talk to me about stuff anymore. They seem to have become self-conscious, because they don't progress the way I do, and so some of them try to tear me down in some way, to re-enforce their own self-image. Kind of frustrating. That's why I've loved the online thing, but now there aren't many people online who I can have a good conversation with. Again, I know this all sounds cocky, and that's why it's hard to actually talk to other people about how I feel, and why I rarely can. It sounds conceited, which is why I really have no one that I communicate my feelings to. Sorry for the somewhat long post. lol.
  9. Lol, still trying to prove you're an esoteric Journey... this place doesn't change.

  10. I'm glad you were able to reveal some of that here. I understand how difficult it can be to find people to communicate with. I'm lucky in that my partner is also my best friend, and she gets her ear bent an awful lot as I discuss insights and ideas with her. But I also feel we have a family here as well, and there are more people who can express an enlightened opinion then would be found in any physical place. It's not exactly the same as having an 'in the moment' conversation, and it's even harder when trying to do so from different sides of the pond, but I still find it most interesting.
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    Yea, my girlfriend is the person I have who I can really talk to, which is nice. Unfortunately, she usually doesn't have a lot of her own thoughts on the matter, so she mostly just says that she really likes it, and compliments me. Being complimented and agreed with is kind of nice, but still not the same as real conversation. It's also stifled because she is somewhat of a self-conscious person, and so I also have to worry about not making her feel less confident in her own abilities, which as I said in my last post is something I deal with quite a lot. That's the problem I've discovered with learning and growing a lot. Other people who don't do the same will feel a threat to their self-image, so when I discuss things with them I try to be careful to stimulate their personal sense of confidence, because it seems to be damaged when I talk to them about a lot of things they consider to be "beyond them," and they get defensive.

    I do agree that this forum has some awesome people, and it can be a great place. The only problem is that the attention seems to be focused on rather ill-conceived topics, or controversial ones. Well thought out topics that aren't intentionally controversial get the least attention. There is a good cast of intelligent people here, though, so we just need to start shifting the focus of conversation. That's all that is required to make this a much more interesting place. A simple shift in where we put our focus.

  12. [ame=]‪Dr. Persinger's God Helmet‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Ah yes, getting that old defensive reaction. I've experienced it a lot in my life. Rather than see what's being revealed as a way of exploring something new, it's easier to try and pull you down rather than have to raise oneself up to do so. People can easily feel like you're making them feel small and transfer that back to you as if it's my fault for doing it to them, when all I'm actually doing is sharing my truth.

    When I was younger, before I knew any better, I'd suppress this aspect of myself in order to fit in and be accepted. But I really can't be responsible for someone else's sense of self-image - if they're affected by what I say then they have a choice about what to do with it. If they turn away, that's fine, and some do just that. I prefer to spend time with people who will accept me for who I am without trying to limit what comes out. I spend most of my time in my own company these days, apart from my partner and daughter that is. But I've been fortunate to have known some of the most interesting and enlightened people during the course of my travels. Knowing we're all 'out there' makes a big difference.
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    Funny you mention suppressing that aspect of yourself to be accepted, as it relates to my experience. It was actually only a couple years ago or so that I started seriously researching this sort of stuff, and even more recent that I started being particularly open about it. My story of intellectualism is actually pretty funny, and unique. As I grew up, I became more and more embarrassed about being intelligent. I also got the sense that a lot of people who talked to me at school did so because they wanted me to work with them and help them with their schoolwork. These two factors combined caused me to start dumbing my work, and the way I spoke, down intentionally. Because of being embarassed, I remember re-writing multiple papers last-minute when I found out that I was going to be sharing them with others, because I didn't want to sound too "smart." Because of feeling that a lot of the reason people associated themselves with me was so I would help them with their school work, I stopped doing my homework, and started getting bad grades. At first this was all an intentional effort, and then over time my being the "smart slacker" became my defining characteristic, and I never got that good of grades again. Kind of stupid, and sad, but also kind of funny. Lol.
  15. At least here, and possibly any other forum you frequent, you're clearly able to say what needs to be said, and in a way that those of us who can see, appreciate.

    This can be a lonely journey sometimes though, so if you ever feel like you need to talk to someone about whatever's going on for you, I'm only ever a PM away.
  16. I appreciate it :)
  17. Good shit bro...will finish reading thread when my eyes aren't closed lol
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    I posted a while ago some of my story I had began writing of true self. I came up with an idea, possibly directly involved with this, or at least related to it. The actual experience of true self. Basically, going from scenario to scenario, without any real absolute "identity," each scenario being generated based on the thoughts and feelings from the previous. Just a constantly flowing experience, with infinite potential to improve. As this whole experience was coming on, I did some writing. I just wrote my thoughts and feelings. I thought I would share some of my writing. What I'm going to share isn't any real scenarios, but follows some of my train of thought during this experience.

    I began getting in touch with my pure presence. That which intently focuses on the object of desire, thus manifesting it into existence. My presence is the creator of joy. My well-being is my experience of joy. It's so simple. I can experience pure joy to the degree that I allow myself to.

    \tI lose my point of division between “self” and “reality” in the energetic feeling. From this perspective, there is pure expression. Infinity being eternally manifested in my very presence. Through this focused being, space-time itself flows through you, causing you to feel the flow of eternity and infinity connecting you to all that is. You can assume any role which you would like to play. The circumstances of this vibrational pattern depend on how you can focus this feeling through your presence, and intensity of energy.

    \tAs we get into more intense undefinable experience, the intensity of the appearance of self-expression, as it goes along with pure observation, can result in largely incomprehensible experience, making us forget what we know right then and there. Your energy is not such that you can have a clear understanding of the present moment, and this results in a confusion.

    \tAs you penetrate the depths of interdependence, you can see how every aspect of reality is a manifestation of the conscious creation with the unconscious reflection. Through increasing your energy, and wonderful and chaotic unity with all, you can learn to consciously program reality to function according to your own understanding. This can extend to any aspect of the world, or society, since it is a whole new reality.

    \tThere develops an infinitely deep and spacious sense of being, yet with the ability to express it in any way you would like. The unconscious ego produces a thought, which is an incredibly limited vantage point. The vantage point of true self is the infinitely large ego. What appears in reality, then, are thought-patterns empowered by our feelings. The more we follow the dream, the more we wake up. The more we are awoken, the more we lose touch with the dream.

    \tI plunge into the thought patterns that bring about the feelings that I desire. The pattern goes deeper and deeper, infinitely collapsing eternity and now, infinity and nothing. I become so immersed in the stream of my own consciousness, that there is a perfect dance between my perfect consciousness manifesting in reality and me. This inspires such unfiltered wonder that all distinctions blur, and fade away.

    \tAs you see what is, you can see that it is truly all energy. Just infinite infinity's and eternity's flowing anywhere and everywhere. Space-time itself pulsates through you, giving you the power of all creation. Allow the energy to soak into you, without any effort in creating an identity or reality on your part. When you feel it over-flow, express it through your self. Here you will pour that abundant energy out into reality. This will result in a more pleasing reciprocal occurance in your range of experience.

  19. How about going from scenario to scenario, without any real absolute 'identity', where each scenario is based on what went before but WITHOUT consciously having thoughts and feelings to identify with only an absolute feeling of stillness and awareness?

    What if it's only by forgetting what we 'know' and who we are that we can allow ourselves to truly be in the here and now, the actual present, allowing, paradoxically, who we really are and what is truly relevant to come out in the process? In other words, giving us an experience of the absolute now.

    Wouldn't this only result in confusion if the experience, which feels very like being truly vulnerable, is allowed to doubt itself?
  20. I could see why you wouldn't share it, which is cool, but with a description like that if you have it laying around and want to throw it up I am intrigued.

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