Trans humanism

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    If you had the means necessary would you do it? How far would you augment yourself?
  2. We do have the means almost. If you have a smartphone you have access to all known knowledge through the internet. With drugs like steroids you can become stronger
  3. why would you want to live forever?
  4. I'm aware.

    Would you do it is the question, and if you were to what would you do to yourself? Anythings possible really even with current technology. Like a light sensor in your eye that ampifies light so you can see in the dark. Shit yeah i'd do stuff like that, but living forever, probably not.
  5. Idk man if it was just like that bruce willis movie where they have the robots livin there life then no. If they could make a android body that was identical to mine except i never gained weight just permenant 6 pack, ran faster smarter etc... then yeah. Just install your brain
  6. I'd get a hard-drive and put all my tunes on it. That way I'd have a jukebox with me at all times.
  7. No thanks.

    And longer life span, live forever? Fuck that.

    Be no longer human? Why not just kill yourself. Wont know the difference.
  8. seriously? i think they already invented that..
  9. Id definitely do it. Why wouldn't you?
  10. I'd be down to live forever, or atleast another 1000 years or so.
  11. Hell yeah, don't worry about breaking it. Use it whenever, nobody knowing. I'm talking some brain implant shit. Infinite downloads and shit right into your noodle. :smoke:

  12. So you don't have to die???

    Ive always had thought about having music somehow downloaded into your head... no headphones necessary. Maybe via a chip implant or something, I always thought it was cool idea lol
  13. Maybe like a mechanism in your brain that flashes letters from books in to you subconscious, then when your trippin your conscious becomes your subconscious so you learn the book
  14. ...but, dying is the best part.

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