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Trans-High Market Quotations (THMQ)...report pot prices!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by digital022, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Monthly, Hightimes magazine does what they call the Trans-High Market Quotations (THMQ), which reports pot prices, strains and locations (by the ounce) as I am sure alot of you are already familiar with.

    Of course, we all live in different regions so pot prices and quality are relative to where we live.

    I would like to extend the THMQ to the forum here on Grasscity, that way we can get responses in realtime regarding pot prices and quality around the world. Doesn't matter whether its's dank, schwag or anything in between. No need to post pics, although it would be an added bonus as a picture is worth a thousand words.

    I'll go first and don't forget to mention: STATE, CITY, STRAIN, PRICE.


    Generally, I go for the dankest buds I can find, beasters just won't do.
    Here is what I am currently smoking on...

    STATE: California
    CITY: Los Angeles
    STRAIN: Erf Kush
    PRICE: $70 1/8th / $500 ounce

    I added a few macro's...

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  2. Washington
    230-280 Zip
  3. Your weed looks really good. But 500 is quite too steep.:eek:
  4. Ontario Canada
    Higher Mids
    $25 - 1/8
    $40 - 1/4
    $75 - 1/2
    $130 - O

    Dank - Skunk A from the compassion centers
    $35 1/8
    $60 1/4
    $100 1/2
    $185 O

    Never seen or heard of people selling less quality than this.
  5. I also live in Ontario, im around Ottawa though and around here its pretty much like this:


    $10 - G
    $25 - 1/8
    $45 - 1/4
    $80 - 1/2
    $150 - O

    There really isnt too much other then dank around here because the prices for our dank is so good.
  6. Georgia

    heres what i know is around
    500 an Oz

    250 an Oz

    200 an Oz

    currently am sticking with the headies.
  7. Well if 250 will get you a zip of headies then the 500 O most be the most sugar-coated, one hit quit, blue with red hairs dank anyone has ever seen.

    Pismo Beach, 805

  8. Newport News


    swaggish mids $120/O

    high mids $150/O

    dank around $300/O depending
  9. Washington
    normal 200-250
    dank 260-320
  10. Texas
    Dallas/Ft. Worth Area
    Sweet Island Skunk
    $20g - $500 Oz.

    But it may be because i'm going through someone pretty low on the chain. Used to get a QP of all kinds of dank from California in the 900 range... those were the days. I'll have to grow it when the time's right.
  11. Bloomington, IN
    High grade no-name dank
  12. Denmark
    jack herer/skunk/big bud/dank

    1g = 20ish
    eighth = 40ish
    not sure about buying more than that. i bet i could get a zip for about 250 or less. depends on who you ask around here. but great bud:smoking::hello:
  13. Howard County - Maryland

    Trainwreck - 60 an eigth. 380 an O
    Bubble Gum - 60 an Eigth 400 an O
    High Grade sativa mids - 125 an O
    Reg mids - 90 an O
    Shwag goes anywhere from 50-100 an O.

    For no name headies which are always around (usually grown in MD) it ranges from 250-300 an O, and 40 an eigth.

    We occasionally get beasters in this area - a less informed person may buy them for 250-300 an O. I wont touch beasters, Unless theyre free.
  14. Location: Boston, MA
    Strain: Sour Diesel
    Price: 20$/g, 500$/oz

    this is the true 100% sour diesel. this batch was a little more dense than the last, but tastes great (lemony skunk/diesel fuel), gives an amazing high (less than a 1/2 gram will keep you high for hours) and is covered in crystals. ill get some pics in a little bit when i break it out to smoke some.

    Strain: Vitamin C Beasters
    Price: 300$/oz

    some decent beasters with a good covering of crystals. they have bright orange hairs, and taste slightly orangey, hence the name.
  15. New York
    Sour Diesel
    450 an ounce
    (and dro for 170 an ounce)

    No name KB
    300-350 an ounce
    (eighths are between 40 and 60)
    Always worth the trip to NYC
  16. Syracuse/Oswego
    New york
    schwagg - 80-100 an ounce
    mids - 130-160 n ounce (rare to find mids, cept in oswego)
    beasters - 200 an ounce all dayyyy long

    dank, headies - 300-400 an ounce (kinda hard to find)
  17. STATE- Illinois
    CITY- Chicago
    STRAIN- i have a few things i can find around here....
    Name Strain/ Headies like white widow, pure kush, afgan kush, kali mist, etc. 400-450/ oz
    Dank- 300-320/ oz
    Beasters- 250/ oz
  18. North Carolina

    Good mid - 100 oz
    Beast - 220 oz
    Heads 350 and up oz
  19. Oregon

    Its different anywhere you go here but this is what I can get.

    Danks anywhere from 250 - 350+ oz. (Depends on exactly how dank)

    Mids 200 - 230 oz anytime

    Schwag 100 - 200 an oz (and once even 90)
  20. minnesota

    BC 's 270 an O
    dank 350 an O

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