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  1. am i the only one who loves trance, baked or not?
  2. i love trance. i have liked a lot of electronic music for quite a few years now. my first ever trance cd was oakenfolds tranceport, which i still love and listen to frequently. lately im listening to a lot of higher energy type stuff: micro, tranceport series, ferry corsten(which im listening to now.)

    over the years though ive come to love djs like sasha and digweed, chris lawrence, sandra collins, tiesto, deep dish, dave seaman, nick warren. i like dnb a lot too, especially diesel.

  3. +1

    Oakenfold was my introduction into trance as well.
    I came across this Israeli trance dude a while back, he is pretty awesome, if you haven't heard of him already, you should check him out. His name is 'O.M.C.'
    You can't really find any YouTube videos on him, MySpace is the only place I've seen him.

    I'm also pretty big on Infected Mushroom.
  4. trance/electro/house is awesome, especially while your mind is being "expanded" never the less on what
  5. im more of the hard bass trance kind of guy, but i like oakenfold's style, sorta vocalish trance.

    this is a good song of mine: [ame=""]YouTube - vol.7 - 022 - Miraluna - One Day (Special D. Remix)[/ame]
  6. i discovered imperative reaction a while back:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Imperative Reaction - Severed[/ame]

    and i also got into kmfdm about 2 years ago. i like metal and all, but its gotta have an electronic edge. kmfdm combines the two pretty well.

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