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  1. I happened to come across about 50 pills of Tramadol (for free!) Anyways, I've been searching around for the active ingrediants in it, and I'm kind of confused. From the different websites that I've been to (Erowid, and various pharmacology sites, also searched this forum and found some threads about it) It seems like some tramadol contains acetaminphin. I'm trying to figure out if the ones I have do, they have the numbers 58 on one side and the numbers 93 on the other. I searched wiht google to no avail, just wondering if anyone knows anything about it?

    I'm pretty sure they have 50 mg of tramadol hydrocholoride in them.
  2. my understanding is that they don't have opiates, rather synthetic opiates. i've had trams before and i can't say they really did much other than induce light drowsiness.
  3. Go To Erowid...tradmol Are Also Called Ultrams Or Ultracets...they Are Alright Take 5 Be Carefull They Have Around 365 Of Aceptiomin ()sp?) In Them
  4. 325 I just found out. Thanks for the info, but I actually fuond a great website.

    it's a pill identification wizard, pretty sweet.
  5. I popped 7 and railed 1

    I'm pretty dissapointed, but they were free so I got no complaints.

    I'm about to go smoke a dutch so hopefully that will intensify the effects,

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