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  1. Got a connect for it. Is it worth the money.
  2. Not really.
    give an example of price?

    tbh, I cant get a discernible feeling from it.
    its about as useful as aspirin
  3. Some people like em, I've never tried it cuz I know it wouldn't do shit to me, since people already take like fuckin 10 just to get a buzz with no tolerance.

    They're good for opiate withdrawl though, my buddy said he took em instead of suboxone in detox and it worked good, but they give you a buncha other shit too.
  4. i love tramadol...

    some people hate it.

    it depends who you are i guess,
    but in my limited experience(a script for 80)
    they can be more easily potentiated than other opiates i've tried.

    anything more than a 1$ a piece would mostly likely be a rip off depending on where you live.

    and tramadols arn't an opiate i would reccommend taking everyday if that's your intentions.. they come with more dangers than regular opiates i believe.

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