tramadol and kpins?

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    i almost never do pills, but the last time i did i was nodding like fuck, and its been a while since then, so im kinda wanting to again, especially since i wont have rents to wrry about (ma out of down, pops workn late) all i can get ahold of is tramadol. i search'd about tramadol, and am thinking i'm going to do 100-150 mg, and i'm hoping that with no tolerance itll do me well.

    tomorrow also happens to be when i get my script for clonazepan. what i was wondering is if its dangerous to take benzos and opiates? aaaand i just stoppd myself mid post and googl'd and found that clonazepan and tramadol is actually a nice combination. so i guess i'm going to be sitting on 2 mg of klonopin and 100-150 of tramadol. since i answered my own question, i guess i just wanted to share. ill prolly update tomorrow :smoking::smoking:

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  2. Take 1 klonopin. repeat every 30-45 minutes until you feel good. And if you're nodding off on the tramadol, wow. Dose it down some or you will go to sleep.

    Wow, tramadol.
  3. Don't mix the tramadol and kpins..

    As for the tramadol, I suggest taking around 200-250mg's at once.

    I'd save the kpins for another time, you'll just be wasting away two highs into one if you take them together..
  4. i haven't taken tramadol before, never said i'd been nodding off 'em, but i'd like to be, cause this is the only opiate i can get ahold of right now. i think ima take 200mg and see how that goes.

    pop or snort tramadol?
  5. POP.


    It's a hydrochloric salt, aka turns to hydrochloric acid, pretty much melting your mucuos membranes..... Of course they pretty much regenerate, but the burn and damage done, though temperary, fuckin Sucks.
  6. tramadol is the weakest of all opiates so you may have to dose a little more then 150 mgs but don't take my word for it and i think 2mgs of kpins are good. hope you have fun, never mixed those two before.

    also beware that opiates and benzos are fun but can be fatal. dose accordingly and be safe
  7. well, i coppd ten and from my buddy who i was getting them from i heard that he took two and was doing pretty good. apparently our bodies work very different because i had to take 5 to get a feeling that i wanted. so i think im gonna wait til the weekend so my tolerance can get down a little and take 7 or 8 more. i ended up taking the kpins just a little while ago after coming down from the tramadol, and theyre just now starting to have me feeling better :smoking:

    btw how much would yall pay per pill for 50mg tramadol?
  8. I would pay exactly $0... Tramadol isn't worth dirt, there are so many better opiates that are much more worth the money. You can seriously order a bottle of 90 Tramadol, legally, for less that $60. Thats less than $0.66 a pill and thats even still too much.

    If you want a weak opiate just try and find vicodan.
  9. KeinMitleid!!!!
    :wave: see ur dissin yet another low-grade drug. he already said its all he can get a hold of but i agree its pretty weak. ive popped 15 of those fuckers in a night and it was barely comparable to my other opiate experiences. somehow they seem to make everything ive mixed them with alot more enjoyable so i would say mix em with whatever ya got that wont kill ya

    sorry if that doesnt make sense im kinda fucked up:D
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    haha perfectly understood man. :smoking: well im really high so ima pass out
  11. All I'm saying is if you can get a bottle of it legally for $0.66, why pay $2-3 (estimating) a pill for something that isn't that amazing to begin with.

    If OP wants to take them and they work for him, more power to him. I know I wish I could take 2-3 tramadol and be set, it would save me a good bit of money. :smoking:
  12. yea i get wat ur sayin i was just pointin out he already has em so why the hell not
    OP i wouldnt buy em again tho unless ur gettin like........5-10/$1
  13. yeah im not gonna buy them again, and am hopefully getting more from him for free since i paid him steep. and i found out from another friend that i can get them for free. damn impulse.
  14. well. 400mg of tramadol, 4mg of kpins and 20mg of hydrocodone had me nodding, toked some bowls from the vap. it was a good night :smoking:
  15. Depends on your tolerance, it can beb a dealy mix to mix opiates and benzos, however, the feeling is amazing and the nods are so wonderful.

    just remember how dangerous it can be

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